DTWINZ Interview (27/12/2015)

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So Christmas is over and Boxing Day has had it’s store clearance forcing us all into the last push into the New Year. In the last month over the festive period we have had a great amount of luck in our favour with both statistics and musical acts jumping on this big bandwagon of new music. We are beginning to grasp a more global hook as well having daily viewers from continent to continent regularly checking the site. However we also know that our content has been lacking in frequency which we also want to change going into the New Year. Regardless of this we are delighted to share with you our segment with the sensational DTwinz!

I first saw these two perform, as many others did, on the UK version of The Voice much earlier this year. I remember being absolutely gob-smacked by the harmonies these girls brought and how fresh their sound was in comparison to anyone who had entered the competition previously. Being twins, their chemistry is also unmatchable and this is evident in how seem-less they perform music together both on stage and in the recording studio. With an incredible grasp on multiple musical genres, they manage to create combinations of our favourite staple elements hence making some incredibly stylistic anthems. An act to watch, we proudly present our Q&A with DTwinz! The questions and responses went as below:

Q: What would you say is your favourite style of music to create, how would you describe it to a new audience?

A: We find all genres have a beauty to it but if we had to pick one genre it would have to be R’n’B. We would describe it as soulful, Hiphop, Gospel, Pop mashed into one. It can be slow, mid tempo, fast we feel it has more freedom to it. Its also sexy and soothing.

Q: Who are your biggest influences when making music and do you feel you add some aspects from their style into your own creations?

A: (Shereen) I have and still are Influenced by the greatest singers like Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton and so many more even male singers like Usher, Boys 2 Men, my list is long. Im currently stunned by Jessie j she’s amazing and I guess they’ve all rubbed off on me in some way. Not forgetting Dancehall/Reggae and being British Jamaican its naturally embedded in me.

(Sophia) Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey without a doubt have been the most influential people to me, vocally incredible and from the age I can remember I’ve always aspired to sing like them. There’s so many other artist that have had a huge effect on my vocal love & growth but they are the queens for sure.

Q: What album would you crown your favourite of all time and why?

A: If we had to crown our favorite album of all time it would have to be the album ‘Music Box’ by Mariah Carey, we both remember hearing our mum play this album from we was little and we believe strongly this is what helped start our passion for music.

Q: So you both have a successful YouTube channel which you post content quite regularly upon. Have you got any big plans for the future on your channel and how do you feel YouTube helps you as an artist?

A: We definitely have big plans for the future, we haven’t as yet put out our own music video and that is definitely a plan for the new year as well as more covers for the fans. YouTube has been a great platform for us and allowed us as up and coming artist to be seen and heard so we’re grateful for that.

Q: We had Agnes Diawara from ‘The Voice (Holland)’ on earlier this month describing how it felt working with the established French artists, we’d love to know how it felt throughout the UK experience having these acclaimed singers memorised by your performance and hence getting the opportunity to work alongside them?

A: Being on The Voice UK was such a unforgettable experience and being able to meet such amazing people like Rita Ora, Will-I-am, Tom Jones, Ricky Wilson and the contestants was an honour and having the opportunity to be apart of such a big show is something we will treasure.

We can’t deny it was scary at times plus nerve racking but the end results was always positive. It was a huge confidence boost, I think being on the Voice was 100% confirmation that this is something we want to do for the rest of our lives.

Q: What is your favourite part of the song-writing/recording process?

A: (Sophia) The best part about song writing and recording process for me is normally the end result (when a song is finished). I do love when we first hear an amazing beat and get completely gassed and start free-styling or we write or sing a perfect verse and give ourselves goosebumps. If we do that then we know we’re doing something right.

(Shereen) My favourite part of the song-writing/recording process is when I hear the instrumental, it doesn’t have to be a specific genre it just has to hit me and then I start to freestyle and play with it and the concept will naturally come to me and that’s when my music is born.

Q: What was the last song you listened to and would you recommend it?

A: (Sophia) The last song I listened to was JoJo – ‘Caught up in a rapture’ and would highly recommend this.

(Shereen) The last song I listened to was WSTRN – IN2 and I would recommend it cause it got me moving.

Sophia and Shereen were the perfect example of easy-to-work-with. They were rapid and organised with their responses to us (despite us being the unorganised ones) and were an absolute pleasure to contact and get a hold of. Let that be a lesson to any journalists or scouts out there, these two are an incredibly professional pair with the talent to boot. So do us a favour, get yourselves on YouTube and hit up the subscribe button for their channel!

DTwinz YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/dtwinz1/feed

DTwinz Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DTwinzOfficial/?fref=ts

DTwinz Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/DTwinz1


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