Music News: An Oasis Reunion?! No Way…

Can’t believe what you see? Well don’t get your hopes up, but a door has been left open for a possible reunion for the Brit-Rock pioneers in the future…

In typical Liam Gallagher fashion, the idea has been raised so vaguely and indirectly that we don’t know whether to believe any words he spits out or not.

When speaking to the Metro newspaper in anticipation to the Supersonic film release and in a brand-new documentary about the famed group, Liam stated, “As long as you’re still breathing, there’s always a chance. Obviously I’d like to do it ‘cos there’s f*** all else do to.”

However in an unusual crisis of character, Liam actually expressed some hints of sadness about the ongoing brotherly battle between Noel and himself, further exclaiming, “I miss hanging out with my brother… It’s stupid and childish and we should know better but we don’t.”

He furthered this strangely peculiar persona by also saying, “I guess it would be nice to put it all to bed for me mam’s sake.”

Now take that all as you will and most importantly with a grain of salt. Liam and Noel have both been guilty of suggesting rather than proceeding with any actions under the Oasis title, so this could just be a lapse in presence. But if you’re an optimist, then don’t rule out a possible Oasis reunion whether it be in the coming months or years!



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