The Story So Far ‘Self Titled’ Album Review

*** RE-UPLOAD ***

California based band, The Story So Far are back again, with their third studio length album. With two superb albums under their belt (Under Soil and Dirt and What You Don’t See), Parker Cannon and co have cemented their status at the top of the modern pop punk. The question is will this self titled album fulfill the hugely high expectations of the fans left from the prior albums, or will it fall short?

Parker Cannon’s performance on this album is sensational. His vocals are arguably the best they’ve ever been. His voice has developed even more raw aggression, and there is pain conveyed through each lyric. His style and sound has matured and his pitch has lowered since the band’s debut. Again, the lyrical content on this album is extremely poignant and well written, escaping the trap of becoming cliche like the majority of modern pop punk bands. This album has a darker, more depressing tone; a nice contrast to the lyrical content of Under Soil and Dirt and What You Don’t See. The use of colour to describe emotion has stayed, except on this album, the colour is Indigo, rather than Navy Blue. There are points in this album where the deliverance of Parker’s lines have so much flow and rhythm, that i wouldn’t be surprised if he released a mix tape.

Regarding instrumentals, they sure know if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. I have seen plenty of  comments complaining about the tone of this album being the same throughout. This album does have a similar feel throughout but i feel it works perfectly. There is plenty of contrasting compositions within this album which keep it fresh. Ryan Torf’s drum parts on this album are perfect, they compliment the music perfectly and are complex enough to keep it interesting. Kevin Geyer and William Levy’s guitar parts on this album are nicely written to cooperate fluenty as a rhythm and lead. With a range of different rhythms which show they are a lot more creative than your average pop punk band. A beautiful very subtle song on this album called ‘Phantom’ showcases the bands use of dynamics, melody and songwriting. I’m sure this song could cause tears. As always Kelen Carpenter provides excellent bass lines which is why he is my favourite bassist in modern pop punk. The song ‘Heavy Gloom’ has a awesome section with just bass and drums showcasing their chemistry. Overall, the instrumental part of this album is great, no surprise there for a Story So Far record.

The track listing of this album is good and each track rolls nicely off each other and fits well. There is not any filler tracks on this album, however the stand out songs are definitely: Mock, Nerve, Heavy Gloom, Phantom and Smile. The other songs are great don’t be misled, but these songs are ridiculously catchy and absolute anthems.

The Story So Far have delivered the goods, yet again. This release has shown the band from a more developed, mature light. Every member of the band works superbly on this album, and the chemistry between them is desirable. The instrumentals on this album are thoughtful and well written, the lyrical content is deep and highly emotional, with plenty of angst subtly integrated within, and Parker Cannon’s vocals are perfect. This is the fulfillment of the platonic creation of what a Story So Far album should be, and maybe their best album to date. Between Knuckle Pucks ‘Copacetic’, Neck Deep’s ‘Lifes Not Out To Get You’ and this album, last year was a superb year for pop punk.

8/10 – A typically brilliant album by The Story So Far once again.


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