Adorned ‘We Are Adorned’ EP Review

So the great lads at Adorned have released another EP which is a follow up to their ‘Theme Scene//Forever’ sophomore effort which was released just last year. Thus far the lively lot from Bradford have been pinging out EP’s once a year really increasing their social footprint which has been turning heads up and down the UK. Baring that in mind, how did the group fare this time around, third time’s the charm right?

Well ‘Evil Eye’ kicks the EP off with a thunderous tom groove adding some real heart thudding stuff off the bat. The bass kicks in with a real distorted tone similar to your average ‘QOTSA’ song which only adds the impact to this track. The guitars flail in too adding extra dimensions to the track with some sweet decorative melodies being introduced from transition to transition. I kind of felt the drums perhaps had to escalate a little further here but then songwriting decisions are often subjective by ‘feel’ and I think the brooding ‘feel’ was what the band was going for. The vocal line is strong with some real power and grit not to mention an instantly recognisable tone. Having said that however, I did find the mix a little thin and often lost in big instrumentation. The chorus is the real pull in this track with a huge sound and some sweet bass licks banging up and down scales. Structure wise the song is typical, but I would of liked to see the middle-eighth really develop as they introduced a real ‘Artic Monkeys’-esque riff here which had some real potential.

The second track ‘Lemonhead’ switches it up again with an almost pop-punk opening reminiscent of some early ‘Moose Blood’ stuff. The drums are changed up, the guitars are strumming harder, the bass is still grooving away adding some real funky textures and vocals are much more prominent. Not only are the vocals much stronger in the mix, the melodies are catchy, the lyrics are memorable and they are really fronting this track well. As a second track this helps introduce variety and experimentation; basically it is doing its job and doing it well.

The third track ‘Do You Ever Wonder’ changes things up again balancing the package well. With a very much relaxed, bluesy approach; I wouldn’t be surprised to find a track like this on the next ‘Fratellis’ album. The guitars don’t shy away from twiddling away whenever they like which adds some new instrumental dynamics over the immensely catchy, yet simple, progression. What I would of liked to hear from this track in the bridge/outro however, would of been a killer face-melter from one of the guitarists just because the change in dynamics in said bridge really brought the song up a notch, which hence encouraged a big finish. Although it didn’t happen, I’d still hint at this track being one of my favourites from the groups anthology.

‘Carousel’ kicks off with a little hi-hat country-style build up with some watery, chorus ridden bass and some screaming guitars. The song then builds to an explosion of Brit-Rock goodness which characterises the group really well. The lyrics in the verse are a little ‘iffy but they’re delivered with power and angst which makes them entirely excusable. The structure of this song is somewhat unusual with no definitive chorus coming to mind; this isn’t a bad thing rather a conceptual twist allowing for other parts to play a larger part… Such as that bridge! That’s the bridge I’ve been waiting for! It’s big, it’s frantic, it’s loud, it’s aggressive and most importantly it kicks ass!

The final track on the EP is ‘Electra’ and yet again the group surprises me here. Your typical EP ending track is ruminating and usually pretty slow in all honesty. These guys change it up instead opting for the ferocious ending with sections of frenetic guitar playing enriched with sequences of hectic drumming. My problem here is that the chorus is a touch weak and safe which is a shame because I can’t really offer anything constructive here outside of suggesting a new approach, perhaps leaving the progression that has already been developed and going for something really out of Pandora’s pocket. But where places like that lack, others flourish… We get to witness some stonking guitar solos, delirious drum fills and outrageous bass thumping. The big ending comes as expected with an almost ‘Hawkwind’ vibe to it giving the EP one more lasting impression.

So all in all, definitely a solid addition to the ‘Adorned’ discography here with some really impressive seeds being sewn for the future. I can’t wait to hear what they produce next!

GEP Rating: 7/10 – Mixing a little off in places but a real sense of individuality on show here.

IEP Rating: 8/10 – The group gets better and better with each outing; something special about these guys.

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