Anarchy Club Interview (07/12/2015)

Here at String Buzz we have been very lucky by having an influx of bands agree to having small segments in which we can promote them and they can explain to all of you a little bit about themselves. However, it isn’t every day that you get a response from a huge act from the states. When we asked Anarchy Club we were expecting a flat out no or to be ignored in our requests, but to our surprise and delight we were fortunate enough for a thumbs up on the opportunity. So on our plucky little music site, we are more than humbled to give you our segment with Anarchy Club! The questions and answers went like this:

Q. How would you describe your style of music and the type of music you love to create in your own time?

A. Keith: Anarchy Club is, in my opinion, the bastard child of all the music I grew up listening to. Metal, punk, hardcore, old 70s pop, psychedelic music, industrial, even the “behind the beat” groove of old funk and hip hop… It’s all in there if you listen hard enough.

Adam: I think when we’re at our best, the songs are individual movies that paint really vivid scenes in your mind.  Scenes of kung fu, fast cars, female ninjas with “Faster Pussycat” swagger — you get the picture.
 Q. Who was your biggest influence into creating music and do you think you design aspects of your music around those influences?

A. Adam: The music that hit me when I was most impressionable in my teen years was punk, goth, ethereal, industrial, and thrash. That stuff is embedded the deepest, even though today I’ll listen to almost anything if it’s well-crafted, mentally taking it apart to figure out how they produced it. But we try hard to do our own thing; our influences are far more subconscious than intentional.

Keith: From a song writing standpoint, Kurt Cobain had a huge influence, not surprising, since he gave me my first guitar lesson. Not his style so much as his philosophy on how to write a song. Guitar-wise, Dr. Know from the Bad Brains is a HUGE influence! He’s epic! Vocally, Howlin’ Wolf, Lee Ving from Fear, Bjork, Elizabeth Frazier, and Otis Redding all made me who I am today… Sorry for the long answer. There isn’t one definitive person
Q. So you guys had the song ‘Get Clean’ featured on Rock Band which is arguably the biggest music game of all time, what was your reaction to getting that opportunity and if given the same chance to appear in an outlet like that, would you do so again?

A. Keith: Actually, by the time “Get Clean” got into RB2, we’d already had three other songs in games. We’ve been very fortunate. In fact, if you pre-ordered RB4, you’d have gotten two Anarchy Club songs free. As for getting the opportunity, I’d take it in a second, only this time we’d like to get PAID😉

Adam: Like Keith said, “Behind the Mask” was much bigger for us. It appeared in the very first game that blew up that whole category, which was Guitar Hero. One minute we were two guys recording in a living room, the next minute we were in millions of people’s living rooms. The best part was connecting with die-hard fans entirely without a record company or the usual music business compromises.
Q. Have you got any big plans for the near future in the recording process or touring?

A. Keith: We’re slowly working on some stuff. Life gets in the way, but we’re taking it when we can get it.

Adam: Anarchy Club lives as long as Keith and I live, but it does have active and inactive periods
Q. What is your favourite album of all time and why?

A. Keith: I don’t have ONE favorite album. Even my top ten list flips around fairly often. Off the top of my head, I’d say White Pony by Deftones (A perfect example of a band capturing a moment in time before everyone else caught on), Physical World by Death From Above 1979 (A masterpiece hybrid of punk, dancey grooves, and 70s style pop hooks, wrapped in a warm blanket of loud, fuzzy distortion), and Treasure by the Cocteau Twins (Man can not live by heavy alone) are all on the list. Of course, that could change tomorrow.

Adam: Some albums create an entire world you can go visit and live in for a while.  I agree with Keith about White Pony and especially Treasure, that one is an atmospheric marvel and there was absolutely nothing like it when it came out in 1984.  Other “world” albums for me would be A Kiss in the Dreamhouse by Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Dreaming by Kate Bush, Anthem by Toyah, and Disintegration by the Cure.
Q. What advice would you give a young musician trying to promote themselves in the modern music industry?

A. Keith: Hmmm… If you’re serious, don’t start a band with your friends unless they’re just as serious, or it will end badly… Either your friendship, the band, or both.

Adam: Focus on the music; everything else is irrelevant. Promotion is pointless unless you deliver the goods musically.
Q. What is your favourite part of the song-writing/recording process?

A. Keith: When the initial spark hits, and riffs and words pour out of me like a tidal wave. At that moment, I can often write all the lyrics out in one continuous fluid stream.

Adam: Probably the guitar solos, because I never know where I’m going to land with those.
Q. What is the most important subject or priority to you when in a band and why?

A. Adam: The friendship of the bandmates. The shared excitement.

Keith: The ability to put egos aside and put the music first. Egos kill creativity. If a riff or lyric doesn’t work, don’t take it personally. Put it aside and move on.
We are so grateful to of had this calibre of response back from these guys and we appreciate it so massively. So if you haven’t already, go out and listen to these guys and trust me you won’t be disappointed! I’ve been listening to them since 2008 and if given the same time , I would do the exact same! The guys are an anthem factory pumping out big tune after big tune with guts and gusto to match so do us a favour and send some love back to the steel-reinforced factory of pure rock mayhem!
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