Music News: Fetty Wap is being sued over ‘Trap Queen’ hit?

Now don’t get comfortable with me talking about anything to do with Fetty Wap, especially with my reputation… But this is much bigger and more important than ‘just-another-Fetty-Wap-story’… It is another example of the music industry changing.

A Danish songwriter Lazar Lakic has decided to swoop in and sue Fetty Wap, claiming  the stratospheric rap star’s track ‘Trap Queen’ was ripped off from a beat that he owned without a note or permission.

Supposedly, according to the folks at TMZ, Lakic claims to of bought the exclusive rights to a little, old beat named ‘Hello’ back in 2014 from Tony Fadd… The same Tony Fadd who produced ‘Trap Queen’. Where it gets interesting, is Lakic has also stated that he allegedly refused an offer by Tony Fadd to buy back the rights back in January 2015. Why is this interesting? Well that’s because it’s a good few months after ‘Trap Queen’ went large and shot into charts everywhere.

So what does this all add to then? Well this has resulted in controversy due to Lakic reportedly wanting damages paid and all the existing copies of ‘Trap Queen’ to be destroyed or dumped.

On the other side of the fence, Fetty Wap’s lawyer told TMZ that there are a multitude of contracts that prove the beat in question had been bought legally from Tony Fadd. This hence means that Fetty Wap is now forced to pursue Fadd in order to cover the damages that are coming his way.

So the guilty party here? No-one can say yet and we haven’t got enough background information to know how strong all these statements are, but it sure is looking worrying from a Fadd point-of-view.

So at the start of this article I mentioned how important this is and why it matters so much from an industry perspective. Well in the last twelve months we’ve seen major lawsuits won and lost in the music industry, from the Robin Thicke vs Marvin Gaye case, to the Led Zeppelin vs Spirit case. This is both a good thing allowing for song rights to be appropriately guarded and protected, but a bad thing because it brings a trigger-happy, court case dominated mindset to modern music. Now if a song even follows a similar progression, people are calling for court cases. I guess we will have to see how this one goes…



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