Niall Horan ‘This Town – Live’ Song Review

Now I can’t say I’m the biggest One Direction fan, I didn’t hate them like the popular opinion many people obtain and I can’t say I loved any aspects of their persona/persona’s either. I thought the majority of their tracks were blatant pop rip-off’s of other classic songs outside the pop genre, but I thought every now and then they’d produce a little catchy chorus or a surprisingly decent melody in the instrumentation. At best, meh. As lads I thought they all seemed like great people, I could understand the positive buzz as they seemed like a bunch of regular chaps thrown into a world of fame and glamour yet never overwhelmed.

Niall in particular I always cited as the one with more to give, as a songwriter and potentially as a solo artist. No I didn’t think his voice was the best but judging by interviews and live performances, he always seemed to be the one with a little more individuality and style; with that in mind he could potentially be the best ARTIST in the group. So with that in mind, was I excited and or expecting much from this brand new track? No not really, but I was interested none the less.

I’ve seen a rather critical reaction to this track but in my honest opinion, I don’t get why…? It is a solid effort, it isn’t groundbreaking but who was expecting groundbreaking? The chord progression is delicate but typical, the lyrics are heartwarming but hardly philosophical, the structure is same-old same-old but it’s not a ruddy prog song! The vocal performance is endearing and professional, the delivery is personal and the diction is on point throughout the track. ***Unpopular opinion alert *** I enjoyed it far more than the entirety of Bon Iver’s latest album…

I mean think about it, the track could of been horrific. It could of been a one dimensional pop ballad with an over produced back beat trying to capitalise on a more edgy audience *cough* Cheryl Cole *cough*. He did the right thing, played it safe but didn’t release something so yawn worthy that it forgot to wake up and climb the charts in the morning.

There isn’t much else to say about the track other than it is… Well… It is a nice song. I’d even go so far to call it pretty good. It has a hook that is memorable, a tone of voice that is recognisable and a commercial prowess that is applaudable.

7/10 – A bit of maturity and a solid debut effort, it’s hardly boundary breaking, but it’s definitely a strong acoustic ballad.


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