The Royal Blasphemy Interview (30/01/2016)

Other than The Royal Blasphemy being a badass name for a group, I really hadn’t heard anything by this band. However when stumbling across their music video for ‘Corruption’ I was absolutely shocked that these guys weren’t rolling in the hundreds of thousands of views they deserve to be getting. With a little bit of Killswitch Engage, mixed with a more raw sounding Disturbed and dusted off with some killer vocal licks reminiscent of a young Serj Tankian, this band blew me away and had me re-listening to their music over and over.


With gritty distorted guitars playing face-melting riffs, drum sequences that kick to the pit of your stomach, bass lines that get your heart pumping and vocals that are instantly memorable, this band genuinely became one of my favourite listens to ever be on the site! I’m almost speechless right now trying to explain their sound (which is why you should check them out) because they honestly got me taken back. With a sound so utterly refined and professional I just found it amazing that they weren’t bigger. Which is why we are honoured to showcase our interview with The Royal Blasphemy! The Q&A went as below:

Q. What would you say your particular music style/repertoire is; how would you describe your music?
A. Hi there, a million thank-you’s for the Questions. Happy new year, by the way. Well, we are 4 very different guys with different backgrounds and music styles, all combined we have a Heavy Rock/Metal sound with a bit of each one of us included…

Q. Who are your biggest influences when making music and do you feel you take any aspects from their style and add it to your own?

A. Tiago: Our biggest influences are as different as the four of us are. I’d say that Guns ‘n’ Roses meets Slipknot meets Pain Of Salvation would pretty much describe my inspiration.

Jota: As Tiago said, our influences as individuals are really different… In my case I like really dig heart felted shit, music that has some meaning, if it has that bluesy slow, dirty, heavy vibe then even better. But that’s the beauty of it. We managed to create some music that the 4 of us really loved, respecting the taste and background of each other, with an identity of its own… The Royal Blasphemy has a trademark sound, I think we got that!

Q. What album/albums would you put up there as your favourite of all time?

A. Tiago: That’s a tricky one, but maybe Use Your Illusion I & II of Guns n’ Roses together with Scenes From a Memory of Dream Theater

Jota: Oh… Hum… Don’t know man, so much music I love and had a big influence on my life… Sabbath early days, all Zeppelin, my beloved Deftones… I’m forgetting many great albums and bands, but let me name one… Today I’ll say “Around the fur”!

Q. Have you got any big plans for the near future in the recording process or touring? A: Yeah, both actually.

A. We’re promoting Sanatorium: Freedom on the road, planning a Euro Tour for 2016 and in the mean time we have the 2nd album all written and being rehearsed and matured before hitting the studio to lay down the tracks.

Jota: Yep, that’s the plan!

Q. Where did you guys all originally meet and what made you want to become a band?

A. Tiago: We were born band freaks… We came together a long way back, before The Royal Blasphemy there was another band, Urban Tales, that ended and opened ways for The Royal Blasphemy to rise. We go back more than 10 years now. As for where we met, well, I met Mr. John Cyaegha after replying to an ad for bass player for his band, then I met Jota and Johnny Coroa at school (I was the teacher ahah).

Johnny Coroa: we started The Royal Blasphemy with just a few things in mind: first, we should stand together as a quartet, and second, we would be making some heavier material than the songs we played on that other band.

Jota: and we agreed that we won’t have keys on our songs!!! Ahah, just a private joke.

Q. So you played at Portugal’s biggest Festival ‘Optimus Alive!’ back in 2012! Describe to us how that experience was and what your favourite moments from the event!

A. Tiago: Alive was a bit surreal, and premature, I’d say. We were still young as a band and that came out as a surprise that we took with armS wide open. The gig was great and a turning point at the same time. We love Mr. V, a dear friend and the vocals who sang on our EP and in the early days, but that Festival showed us that we were on different paths. We parted ways with him a few months later and moved on as a quartet, as we are now.

Jota: It was a great moment, we enjoyed every little bit of it… We saw it as a starting point, something we wanna do over and over again!

Q.  Where did your band name (The Royal Blasphemy) come from? Was it spur of the moment, sounded cool or is it symbolic to you guys?

A. Well actually it was a kind of an anagram, not one I want to discuss now, but also a very meaningful name towards the message we wanted to put out there. We are an intervention band, exposing the “rothness” of societies as we know them, The Royal Blasphemy sounded like the perfect name for it.

Q. What advice would you give a newly formed metal band looking to start recording and gigging on the regular?

A. Tiago: Do it for yourselves. The minute you start doing it for “the fans”, it becomes fake and hollow. Be genuine, work hard, and never give up, despite all the closing doors around you. Aside from that, make sure you keeping “feeding” your crew with new stuff, new songs, videos, pics, etc.

Johnny Coroa: It’s also good to remember that it’s a team work with all that it brings, both good and bad things – and you have to stay true to your goals as a band and work with all your heart all together.

Jota: You gotta have good looks! Fuck the music, nowadays you don’t need it. Ahah, just joking!! Seriously, in the core of your band you need unity, truth, loyalty and self sacrifice, believe in what you’re doing. Make sure all the shit in your path comes from the outside, not from the inside. The road is really hard man, stick together for yourselves!

Q. Corruption had to be my favourite song by you guys, it’s got one hell of an impactful sound! Do any of you have a favourite song to play live or any music you have made that you listen back to on the regular?

A. Tiago: My favourite song is definitely No Future, it’s the hardest and most rewarding tune to play live, and has loads of personal meaning to me… But they are all our ‘precious’ as one small grayish guy would say.

Jota: Injustice turned into a monster as we released it, it’s one of my fav recs/live! Escape has to be my fav to play, some groovy ass heavy beats! No Future is serious… It’s based on some shit that, unfortunately, too many people have to deal with. That song has our blood and guts every time we play it! Corruption is Corruption… Our first baby man… BOOOOM!

Q. What was the last song you listened to and would you recommend?

A. Tiago: Hummm, thats a hard one, I listen to music (new) all the time, but unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend most of it, nowadays all kinds of crap hit the media for whatever reason, sinking the good stuff in the mud, so, recalling the last song I heard today, I believe it was Adele’s “Hello”, catchy tune, but, even if I don’t recommend it, you’ll end up listening to it, wanting it or not.

Johnny Coroa: I would recommend you to listen to Twelve Foot Ninja and Viza

Jota: Right now I’m listening A LOT of White Buffalo, really cool vibe!

So there we have it! Possibly one of my favourite interviews and one of the best times I’ve had producing a segment here on the site we all owe a big thank you to The Royal Blasphemy for allowing us the opportunity to really delve into what the band is made of! So as always we implore you to send some love to their social media and add their music to your daily playlists, you won’t regret it!


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The Royal Blasphemy – Corruption (Official Music Video):


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