The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk ‘Starboy’ Song Review

I’m a day late reviewing this track sure, but I still think it deserves reviewing since there are some interesting aspects I’d like to talk about here.

Now The Weeknd as an artist I find very conflicting. His earlier work I found fresh and exciting, mixing this deep-burning aggression with decorative beats equating to track after track of greatly experimental R&B. With songs like ‘Rolling Stone’ and ‘Wicked Games’, I thought this guy not only had the pipes of a superstar, but a really inventive R&B mind. Then in 2015 he ruined it… ‘Beauty Behind the Madness’ was a pile of overproduced, edgy, trap garbage with the only distinguishable track being ‘Cant Feel My Face’. It really made me question whether I even enjoyed his previous work or whether it was just better than the drivel that was produced in that genre at the time. I felt the album was full of tasteless nonsense and cliche angst with lyrics that were borderline horrific. To say it did nothing for me would be an understatement.

Daft Punk on the other hand, I have no qualms in saying, are brilliant in every sense. For years and years now the duo have laid down beat after beat of pure pleasure with each song being more memorable than the last. Even when they switched things up and went full disco and sleeper-tech on their last album, I still found myself loving each track. Christ ‘Random Access Memories’ was probably my favourite album of 2013 with some of the catchiest tunes of the decade. So a collaboration between them and The Weeknd I had high expectations for, just for different reasons. I wanted The Weeknd to regain that flair he once had showing off the clear vocal talent that he has and from Daft Punk I wanted just more of the same.

So what the heck happened…? This track was a stinker from the moment the beat kicked in. The instrumentation was yawn-inducing with no decisive melodies being introduced and sounded like your average Fetty Wap beat. The structure of the track was unimaginative with choruses ringing for way too long in hopes of establishing something worth humming; it felt like the same four bars over and over. The lyrics again were nothing special, nothing new and to be honest I can’t remember any off of the top of my head other than the word (and title) ‘Starboy’ which followed some ‘cringeful’ cursing. There is nothing I can even gather to talk about with this track, not a thing. It was a snoozefest at best and irritating at worst. I mean, every now and then Daft Punk tried to interject those computerised vocals we are used to, but even they seemed tacked on. Don’t get me wrong the song wasn’t bad, it didn’t hurt to listen to or make me angry, but it just wasn’t good.

If I were to cite any positives from the track I’d say one, it’s nice to see Daft Punk releasing some more music, two, the song is produced well with the mixing being pretty solid and three, it could of been worse.

4/10 – You know it’s bad when a One Direction member’s track (Niall Horan) makes yours look unimaginative.



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