Echo Parade ‘Milk’ Song Review

The lads from North London are back again with their self-proclaimed ‘surf grunge’ music hitting our airwaves once more. Going into the track, what I knew about the group was limited to say the least; to be honest I didn’t even look up their genre. I wanted to go into the track fresh without the foggiest idea about the boys sound or style; that way I could give you the purest thoughts on the guys latest effort.

There is a ton to talk about here, so where to begin? The instrumentation is a great place to start. The guitar twiddles away well playing a very catchy melodic sequence throughout the verses; very reminiscent of say early ‘Two Door Cinema Club’ and your average ‘Tokyo Police Club’ track. The drums play an unusually progressive beat with moments of brilliance especially during the transitions and fills. The bass lines used here are also nothing to sniff at with very memorable little phrases that remain engraved in the back of your mind.

Moving on to the vocals; they are delivered with a real sense of style and confidence similar to a young Matthew Murphy when he was firing on all cylinders. There is a noticeable and recognisable tone to his voice that make the lyrical content really shine with sincerity rather than bigotry.

Production wise the track ranges from some strong moments to weaker little blips that could be improved. The blips in particular centre around the bass tone being a touch thin and the guitars lacking some hearty textures. Although this is common in indie tracks, I just think the sound generated could of benefited from some more low frequencies.

Structure-wise the track is somewhat of an anomaly. Although I love the experimental approach and the slow burning build up in the middle-eighth, I just felt the dynamics and variation had so much more potential. Perhaps with randomised vocal phrasing (to produce a stronger atmosphere), ambient-style speeches panned, some instrumental melody inclusion or at the very least some additional instrumentation in general, then this part could of shone. At 4 minutes this section wasn’t short either, again I can understand what they were going for but it just needed some more content to keep the momentum built from a brilliant opening section.

All in all I see huge potential in this group. Like a younger, more bare-boned version of ‘Fish Tank’, I can only see bright things in the future. With a commercial sound and obvious stylistic touches, this group could really end up knocking our socks off. I think the track is  a better live song in its current state than recorded because the bridge would be great to really reel in the audience. They definitely have their minds in the right place with the varying of timbres, textures and structures but the execution is still being refined. Difficult to give this song a final rating because it’s one of the most subjective ones I’ve listened to thus far this year.

G Rating 6/10 – Parts of declamatory brilliance just lacking further development.

I Rating 7/10 – For an independent band it takes balls to make creative choices like they do and they certainly have the talent to back it up.

L Rating 7/10 – I can see this track really shining on stage and being a fan favourite no doubt.


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