Peavey Vypyr VIP 1 Modelling Combo Amp Review

So this is a first on the site as we have never really delved into the world of gear reviews. Why? Well gear doesn’t come cheap and I can’t claim to play everything, so it isn’t always the practical option for consistent content. However, when it comes to guitar I really do care about my equipment. It has to either be the best, or sound like the best, or better yet, make me sound like the best. When looking in the market for a new practice amp, that was exactly what I wanted. I wanted something so flexible that I could play anything I wanted to at home regardless of the genre and regardless of the production-induced obstacles. I then invested in the Peavey Vypyr VIP 1 Modelling Combo Amp since I didn’t want to blow the budget on a home piece of kit. So how did it get on?

Well, how do I put it… I love this machine. It is my favourite machine in the whole wide world and it has truly been adopted into the family. Where do I start to explain how good this piece of kit is!?

The looks: From the naked eye the amp looks fairly bulky and clunky for a little 20 watt practice box. The big old badge is eye catching and it encapsulates the real industrial appearance well giving the amplifier a sinister ‘metallic’ look. Personally, I think it looks its best when you power the thing up and see the lights glisten.

The sound: This thing’s got balls. When you turn on one of the metal presets and really amp it up, the machine melts your face off. It is by far the loudest practice amp I have ever played on under 30 watts and it has the tone and depth of your high end amp head beasts. The metal tones in particular are wholesome and strong despite the immense distortion but that doesn’t mean that this thing can’t do the clean stuff. Quite the opposite in fact, the clean tones (even when ramped up) are crystal clear making any guitar sound high quality. With 36 preset amp models, I can guarantee you will not feel ripped off no matter what sound you’re going for.

The flexibility: Did I mention the 36 amp models earlier? Well if I did, then asking about the flexibility is a stupid thing to do. The amp can recreate any sound and any tone you can imagine, all it takes is a slight bit of tweaking and some technical twiddling. With a further 22 accessible on-board effects, you have an entire pedal board at your disposal too. Everyone I’ve had round playing this thing, have only had the highest praise for it’s flexibility.

The price: For £149.00 I will say it isn’t cheap, in fact it’s actually a seriously expensive practice amp. But with that you get a durable, mean machine also capable of recording (something I haven’t yet mentioned). Before this amp I had the old Fender Mustang I V2 and I thought it would be irreplaceable. But little did I know, for £30 more you could find something that utterly trumped it. Plus, the Fender was just for electric guitar whereas the Peavey can give you the option for electric, electric acoustic and bass. Not just that, you can use special inbuilt effects to make an electric acoustic sound like a bass anyway, the thing is incredible!

Extras: The amp comes with a port that allows for USB direct recording as well as an inbuilt tuner which comes in handy indeed. The recording principles are easy to use, competent and consistent; I’ve recorded full albums with this function which have sounded like your average studio stuff!

So I think all in all, you get the idea. I had to do a kit review on this product as it is too good for you not to know about it.

P Rating: 9.5/10 – My best music-based investment ever… If not the best investment I’ve ever made in general.


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