Gears 4 Music LA Bass Guitar Review

One of the cheapest bass guitars on the market made by the the folks over at Gears 4 Music; I thought it would only be right to give a low end priced piece of equipment a review for our second product testing overview on the site. Gears 4 Music has been top of the league when it comes to selling products priced fairly on their site, so how well do they do when they make their own products? Lets give it a go…

The looks: From first impressions the guitar looks pretty darn good. Skinnier than your average bass, the guitar has some sweet curves and the design is competent. Personally the sunburst colour looks the most professional but I’m sure you can expect a solid finish no matter what the colour you decide upon. The chrome knobs and tuners are to be expected but add some pop factor nonetheless to the bass. I’m not a huge fan of the logo being so prominent on the headstock but I guess licensing counts.

The sound: The sound is surprisingly good for the low cost price. It seems to cope fairly well when playing with a group of people, even when put through a lower priced amp. There is an obvious lack of gutsy low end tone however with the bass sounding a little thin when recording no matter how much you flick around the knobs. I find the bass is much better suited to accompanying pop than anything heavier or more aggressive; it just doesn’t have the depth of sound. The sound often crackles too with very fuzzy pickups being far too sensitive to even brush.

The flexibility: It isn’t a flexible bass to be honest but for a beginner it will do the job at home. It hasn’t got the power for metal or any strong styles of music due to its naturally ‘trebly’ sound; a touch tinny even. Also the guitar is more difficult to use than your average bass due to the string tension being severe to say the least. I found myself really straining to hold down strings despite being an experienced bass player.

The price: Here is the real selling point in all honesty, the price is unbelievable. For just £89.99 you will not buy a better brand-new bass guitar. Sure there will be second hand ringers that will do the job better but that’s when you run the risk of faulty equipment; not something you wanna do if you’re buying it as a present, gift or as a newbie player. With that you also get a free jack cable and gig bag which in all honest is worth a good £15 on its own anyway.

Extras: The gig bag is thin and sometimes a touch unreliable with it struggling to carry the weight of most bass guitars. Having said that it hasn’t actually broken yet and I’ve used it countless times to transport around gear. The cable does the job for beginner guitarists but it’s too short and too flimsy to use anywhere else outside the bedroom. It also generates a fair bit of feedback which isn’t to helpful.

Overall the bass guitar is made for beginners on a budget trying to work their way into bass guitar. I do recommend it to people making a first time purchase because it will do the job to the level you want it to.

P Rating: 5/10 – Great for absolute beginners but hasn’t got many aspects going for it.


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