Solange ‘Cranes In The Sky’ Song Review

Now have I ever cared about Solange or her music career? No, not at all. I could honestly say I haven’t heard a track by her ever and just saw her as a leech, a leech that sucked on the whole Jay Z vs Beyonce thing to elevate her status. Have I ever cared about Beyonce however? No, not particularly. Sure she has had some classic ballads in the past which are staples of modern day R&B but they never really were my ‘thing’ from the get-go. I recognise she has extreme vocal talent but it never appealed to me directly as I’m not about the whole gospel, ballad ‘schtick’ nor do I find her that individual as an artist. I thought ‘Lemonade’ was an overrated, completely average album and, despite the huge hype and sales, I thought her self-titled was just as flavourless and forgettable. Did I expect much going into Solange’s latest effort, no, but lets see how it went anyway.

Well… I look a tad stupid now… This is a really, brilliant track. The almost lounge jazz approach paired with worldly instrumentation and funk aspects really caught me off guard with some stunning progressions. The fusion went astoundingly well. Lyrically the song was simplistic but thought-provoking; passionate and seductive with a subject matter that was fulfilling to work out. It also didn’t become condescending or pretentious too like the new Bon Iver single and I think this track walked that perfect line between philosophy and relativity. The vocal performance was the highlight however, the deliverance of each word was delicate and believable; it was recognisable too, her tone was memorable and never forced. Her falsetto seemed effortless and I found myself smiling away listening to her bounce from higher note to higher note. Structure wise the song was fresh too with the chorus being a catchy sequence that reappeared precisely when it should do without being pushed in our faces. The minimalistic instrumentation in some parts also brought dynamic changes to the track really allowing for the song to develop into new areas without becoming repetitive. I felt a really strong Lianne La Havas vibe in this tune and I thought it suited Solange’s voice perfectly. I know everyone raves about Beyonce’s pipes but credit where its due, Solange has outsanding talent too and this song proved it.

What a strange fortnight it has been for music, I found myself hating Bon Iver’s new track, loving Solange’s single and having fun with Niall Horan’s solo effort. Going into the week, I would of judged all these things as opposites but hey ho that’s music!

8/10 – A real gem of a track here, I know it will go under many peoples radar but she blew it out of the park with this effort.


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