Music News: Liam Gallagher is on a roll!

Liam Gallagher, pretty much out of nowhere, has grabbed hold of the tabloids firmly this last fortnight ahead of the new ‘Supersonic’ movie which premiered last night, detailing Oasis’s professional career. Although he has been vocal about a range of topics these past few days, none of which have been quite as fuelled as his latest statements bashing his brother Noel.

Now earlier in the week we reported how he was trying to mend relations with his brother for their mothers sake, which in all honesty is quite a noble thing to say despite the notorious frontman’s reputation. Last night however, the opposite appeared to be said when Liam tweeted, “Noel Gallagher aka shit bag blanks premiere not 1 fucking rag mention it if it was the other way round I’d be hung bunch of cunts LG” which, in my opinion, is pretty fair.

2009 was the year when Oasis split up, that’s over seven years ago now and yet still Liam is unable to get contact or a word from Noel. I get Liam was probably a jackass on a professional working basis and that he must of been like a frenetic psycho to try and control, but they are brothers, and to practically disown a film that is made in yours and your brothers name about your career together, is pretty heartless right? I’m not saying he should of turned up to the premier, but he should of at least promoted the film and been proud of the fact a film was even made about him. The majority of groups won’t get that in their lifetime or even after they pass, it is a huge honour, so at least give a little gratitude where it is due.

So what do you guys think? Who is in the right and wrong in this situation?



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