One Republic ft. Peter Gabriel ‘A.I.’ Song Review

Who saw this collaboration coming right! Now I gotta say that I’m a huge Peter Gabriel fan, some of the tracks he made early on with Genesis are some of the most well-written, technically brilliant songs of all time. The guy has had some career too spanning decades were he would constantly change his style and continue to re-invent himself; each style was always successful too. One Republic on the other hand I’ve always found incredibly boring. I’ve always felt that each song they have created has always been by the numbers and safe; no imagination and ploying to the chart listeners. They are the modern day record labels dream, able to create songs quickly with no real thought, that still appeal to this broad range of on again-off again billboard sheep. So on the one hand you have one of the most inventive musicians and songwriters of all time paired with the other hands proverbial Jacob’s cracker? Let’s review how that went…

Meh. That was the only word running through my head throughout the whole track from start to finish. I thought the instrumentals were slightly quirky and had potential, but they were so secondary to the rubbish vocal melodies and lyrics. There was nothing exploratory vocally and everything felt so monotone and again, by the numbers. The lyrics for the chorus are, ‘Yeah I just want my love automatic, If artificial love makes sense, I just want your love, I’m an addict, artificial intelligence’ which even on a piece of paper, are cliche to heck. I have no idea who has the songwriting credits for those lyrics but I think you should hold your head in shame good sir. Structurally, I thought the song had areas of weakness and strength. The weaknesses in question are the length of each section and how it just made the song drag and drag. This song didn’t need to be over 5 minutes long, you could of squeezed the content into 3 and a half minutes and had a more impactful composition. The transitions were ever lengthy with the repetitive reversed crash cymbal that just felt so unnecessary as it added no oomph to the chorus at all. The strength however was the bridge. The stripping back of instrumentation was the right choice and at least something new was explored here. Although it never really built to anything, I’m always encouraged when a pop track leaves the stereotypical formula in which every song is created, to embark on a new structure that suits their track individually.

5/10 – I’ve given the most average and middle ground score, for the most average and middle ground band that there has ever been, poor wasted Peter Gabriel…


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