The Weeknd ‘False Alarm’ Song Review

So after finding his track with Daft Punk pretty average earlier this week, it would be fair to say that I had no enthusiasm going into this new single. I felt ‘Starboy’ was weak and content-less with underwhelming instrumentals and a vocal performance that I found completely cliche; not to mention the lyrics were also pretty sub-par to say the least. Surely this track couldn’t disappoint me more…?

Well no it didn’t, but it also didn’t excite me for his new album either. I thought this track was decent in the aspects that ‘Starboy’ wasn’t and garbage in the ways ‘Starboy’ excelled. It is a pretty conflicting track for me. I like the high-octane tempo sure, I thought the aggressive synthasisers and distorted electronic-based guitar sound was a refreshing change, but overall the song was just a mess. The chorus wasn’t catchy it was irritating, the lyrics were even worse this time around with some terribly unoriginal phrases and I felt the whole song seemed filler. I liked how the techno vibe was also fairly variant but that wasn’t enough to save the forgettable nature of the track. My problem here again is The Weeknd himself. The vocal performance just felt so forced and unnatural like he was trying way too hard to be tenacious and edgy… It kinda sucked. The Weeknd potentially has one of the most recognisable and unique voices in R&B today, but it just isn’t utilised like it was on prior albums like ‘House of Balloons’. He needs to strip back the instrumentals to some deep sub bass, a slow electronic beat and a cutting distorted guitar just to create an atmosphere of melancholy and modern-grunge in which he can really test his pipes over. He needs to start singing with sincerity and heartache again rather than forcing each cliche lyric out of his gob.

4/10 – Same rating as ‘Starboy’ and again a completely forgettable track.


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