Jaya ‘Wake Up’ Song Review

We recently stumbled across the singer/songwriter known as Jaya this morning and haven’t been able to stop listening since! It is becoming a reoccurring record here at String Buzz that the independent tracks are casting a complete shadow over all of the big singles of the year time after time. With ‘Funeral For Bird’s latest album being astonishingly good, ‘Adorned’s new EP being a great throwback to Brit-rock and now ‘Jaya’s track ‘Wake Up’ being the most infectiously re-listenable track of the week, we have a wealth of great independent music emerging.

So let’s focus on Jaya’s track and why we have had so much fun humming away to the ruddy good tune. In all honesty, it’s catchy music at it’s simplistic best. A simple chord progression on the acoustic’s of the track allows for you to immediately ease yourself into familiar waters. The conjunct, common time beat on the drums is mixed well and compliments the rest of the instrumentation brilliantly. The bass line has some terrific transitional phrases which are noticeable and effective to add some variation here and there to section’s which could of dried up otherwise. But the stand out here for me are those fantastic vocals. A simple melody sang competently and confidently can be incredibly effective especially when paired with one of the most unique vocal tones I’ve heard since Tracy Chapman and Joan Armatrading. Each word sounded sincere and ‘real’ for lack of a better word; each lyric was delivered with passion and impact and I loved that.

The important lesson to learn from this track, is to stick true to your own artistry. So far this week I’ve heard The Weeknd try too hard to be the electronic version of The Ramones and I’ve heard Bon Iver try way too hard to be the next Mike Oldfield, when all you need is a recognisable style and to perform that well. Jaya definitely does that on this track, it’s fun, it’s memorable, it’s different and it’s individual. So many acts have been too serious and too melodramatic lyrically this week when the basic melodies aren’t defined and the basic harmonies aren’t consistent, but Jaya knows what she is doing, she allows for the odd homophonic backing melody here and there to bolster her well explored sequence and just keeps the direction in order. I cannot wait to hear the full EP which comes out in the coming few weeks and hope that she keeps running with this catchy sound.

Sometimes the simple tune with tidy production trumps the convoluted track with over production; that’s music.

8/10 – Definitely the catchiest and most professional track I’ve heard in a little while, won’t be forgetting this one any time soon.



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