Music News: Billie Joe Armstrong controversy?

The Green Day front man has made news headlines today bashing the term ‘pop-punk’ in an unexpected turn of events. Supposedly Armstrong ‘hates’ the genre label despite Green Day being one the original groups to be coined the phrased.

In an interview with Kerrang he clearly stated, “I’ve always hated the phrase ‘pop-punk’. I think it’s a contradiction in terms. Either you’re punk, or you’re not. The tweet was not directed at any of the bands, it’s just that it’s too singular a term for my tastes”. Armstrong went on to exclaim, “And now we have pop-punk. And I hate that phrase. It lacks diversity”.

Having played as part of a supposed ‘pop-punk’ group for over a year and having followed the scene in which many bands were labelled this term, I kinda have to agree with Billie here. After watching Neck Deep live and woefully hating the experience and seeing how the punk aspect was non-existent in their performance, I do feel at this point a band is either pop-rock or just simply punk, there is no in-between as they are conflicting genres.


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