Reptile ‘Echoes Of Twins’ Song Review

Here we are again with another independent song review, this time of the new Reptile track ‘Echoes Of Twins’! The London-based rock group have been plucking away on the scene since 2014 now and have some interesting flavours in their sound that include some grungy aspects, some experimental areas and even some progressive patterns. So let’s see how this track panned out.

Firstly I’ve got to say the instrumental accompaniment sounds great in a multitude of ways. The unusual double-snare drum beat gives a quirky pulse to the track that allows for the song to develop an almost uneasy atmosphere; I love the variation and invention over the common time. The delicate, clean strumming in the background almost adds a synth like texture which only layers the track further which is definitely a great decision. The cutting, distorted guitar adds some dynamic switches here and there allowing for some impactful transitions and some sweet decoration. The guitar solo towards the end of the track is a complete face-melter too which was surprising given the trundling tempo of the track; a good surprise though as it kept the track splitting into new directions. The technicality of the solo was also impressive really elevating the overall musicality of the track. The bass line was also a hot point with some great decorative, sweeps and some imposing transitional sections that again added to the musicality. The mixing of the accompaniment was also strong with each layer being well pronounced for an independent song. There were a couple blips however with the bass sounding a touch too plucky at times (I know it’s difficult to avoid when using a plectrum but the high-ends are occasionally noticeable), and the guitar sounding strangely flat on the second half of the melodic phrase around 0:28. Vocally the song had some strengths and some weaknesses. The verse sections were competent and memorable with some interesting lyrics and some exploratory melodies, but I couldn’t help feeling that the chorus seemed very flat. I can’t tell whether that was purposeful from a grunge perspective or whether the chorus could do with a re-tracking.

Overall a solid track with some interesting ideas flowing from section to section. It’s a potential piece for me. I think if the ideas were combined with some slightly higher-end production quality and some longer studio time to get each part perfect, then these guys would be a simple choice to snap up to a label for instant profit. Impressive is an understatement.


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