Send The Sages ‘Victories and Consequences’ EP Review

So Send The Sages were a small project/band founded by the lead singer of Alien Ant Farm Dryden Mitchell somewhat out of the blue a couple years back with little to no recognition. They released their EP to free download, performed a couple concerts, had their title song featured in the independent move ‘Sushi Girl’ and then floundered into obscurity, so why raise that on a site like this? Well to give them recognition for the creation of possible one of the best alternate EP’s ever released…

Unlike Fish Tank, this band is an experiment balls-to-the-walls style of band, far from it even, however that doesn’t make this EP in any way worse at all’! This EP is unbelievable and like nothing I’ve ever heard of regardless of what clichés might come to mind when hearing that phrase.

Since the EP is no longer available in any other format than a couple music videos on YouTube, it was incredibly difficult to find accurate copies and we haven’t been able to find the original track listing so we were going to go through song by song throughout the album giving our perspective starting with the title track, Victories and Consequences.

Victories and Consequences starts immediately with a guitar playing some very jazz-fusion style chords in a progression thick with guitar effects I haven’t typically heard before, but then the song explodes in complex poly rhythms and notation with the big epic sound! How it manages to sound so bolstered and aggressive without a snippet of distortion I have no idea, but it works so well!  Then Drydens iconic and individualised vocals hit in a much smoother groove in the verse. It’s smooth yet aggressive and clean yet splintered, the rough timbre of Dryden’s voice bouncing off of the guitars sequence sounds brilliant. Each chorus is massive as well, one of the best chorus’s ever made in my opinion simply due to its larger-than-life sound, bigger than a you could predict which hits you just as hard each time. The bridge adds a whole new dimension again changing the song up further giving it variation yet keeping a firm structure. An absolute anthem.

Hardwood Floor then follows with a much different vibe. Still wrapped in a jazzy overcoat with innovative drum progressions and beautiful guitar licks added as decoration on the back of lyrics, the song is a passionate showcase of very heart felt themes. On the subject of lyrics, they are incredibly well written again with stereotypes thrown in yet never stooping into what would be considered as cheesy or corny; it causes feelings to stir of love-lost as well as aggression in the response towards it. Again another anthem but of a different nature, this time much more solemn (perfect break up song even if you enjoy all that self wallowing polava).

Winter came next and on the re-listen I completely forgot this track existed from when I was younger, stupid mistake! The song fits beautiful with a more hectic introduction full of sweet guitar licks and inventive chords. Again in the chorus the drumming is something of an absolute spectacle, the lyrics are fitting and the bass adds to the sweet groove that accompanies all the homophonic melodies well. The pre chorus in the song is especially brilliant since it bounces from tempo to tempo and from soft to aggressive with immense fluidity; a calm before a storm of tenacity in the chorus. The bridge also adds something different again slightly varying the standard sound which works so well.

Beautiful Crazy hits and I’m full of nostalgia when I used to listen to this song on my beaten old flip phone back in the early days of secondary school. The verse is very progressive and unusual with melodies that play off each other almost like the guitar and vocals are interrupting each others calls for a response; for some reason it works remarkably. The chorus is immense and massive again, I don’t know what these guys are drinking in their coffee but christ do they know how to put on a bloody good chorus. The bridge adds some softness back into the song which just melts my knees again hearing it back. Another comment I can place in positivity is how the production quality of the EP is exactly right for the sound they were aiming for because it sounds so solemn yet harsh yet clean yet rough and goodness I’m struggling to find the words to even describe how good this thing is!

Lumens blasts on last and originally was my least favourite track that I just never clicked with on the EP. It would usually be the one I’d skip or just not bother acknowledging on the playlist but listening to it back yet again I was so wrong. It is unique to the other tracks sure since it never really showcases a soft side but in a way it works because it means they are able to hold up this speed for a sustained period of time. The guitars tone in mouth watering so any guitarists look out for this by the way! The lyrics are functional again they aren’t quite as catchy I find as the rest of the album but the instrumentation is the element to put at the forefront of this album anyway. The drums are new and different playing beats incredibly different to what I’ve ever heard before. The bridge and bass is killer again by the way just thought I’d pop that in!

It’s incredibly difficult to categorise this band and their music at all since it isn’t quite rock, it’s definitely not indie, it isn’t full force jazz and due to it’s standard pop song structure, it certainly isn’t experimental but one what I can categorise it as is a must listen 10/10 EP and one that will stay etched in your memory for years and years of hummingly-good happiness.

GEP Rating: 8/10 – A stonking, experimental rock album.

IEP Rating: 10/10 – An innovative must listen, one of my personal favourites.


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