Lady Gaga ‘Million Reasons’ Song Review

Lady Gaga has been inescapable the past month or so, dominating music headlines with adoring fans everywhere singing her praises ahead of her new album release and huge sellout tour. Personally, I haven’t even listened to a single track the pop superstar has made in the last three years just because it wasn’t my scene. I used to love the fun, party anthems she used to make and she knew sure knew how to make a catchy track. So how did I find her new single?

Boring. The hype for this singer is unreal at the moment, with each track being dropped to tremendous applause around the world, but judging off of this track, I really can’t see why. The piano progression is safe and simple being a regurgitated sequence we hear throughout the track with no real variation. The inclusion of the slow, strumming guitar ups the cheese factor to a whole new level too with no intricate picking but rather this dreary, textural development which was unnecessary really. Lyrically the song was cliche and pretty dreadful to be honest with some phrases that were eye-rolling to say the least. The repetition of the ‘Million Reasons’ title lyric over and over just became so tiresome and boring; we’ve heard all these aspects before and done better, no originality here. The vocal performance too I found somewhat underwhelming, with the delivery sounding more crooning, than passionate. The structure of the track was by-the-numbers and was predictable to say the least.

The harmonies I did like however, with the occasional homophonic melody being sang behind the lead vocals during transitional phrases. I also enjoyed the final chorus which actually showed a bit of gusto and emotion rather than the bland diction we heard earlier. The final part actually showed some vocal power and tone which I also felt was missing from the rest of the track; no individuality was shown up to this point. It left me feeling the vocal performance overall could of been improved and had much more potential.

Overall, complete middle-of-the-lane ballad. Nothing special, nothing new, nothing horrific and nothing memorable.

5/10 – Forgettable but vocally competent track.


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