Music News: BROS reunion confirmed!

Out of seemingly nowhere, the brothers over at BROS have announced a huge reunion! People are calling it the biggest reunion of the decade and to them I say, you’re going a bit far now. No-one was necessarily asking for the lads to get back into the music industry together but nonetheless it is happening and you know what? Eh I’m pretty interested.

Luke and his brother Matt haven’t actually played together since August, 1989 which to you younger viewers, is an absolute age ago… I wasn’t alive when they last played lets just say that.

It isn’t like they drifted into obscurity either, both of the talented chaps had very successful runs in both the music industry and in their solo music works. Luke especially has had a very successful run as an actor appearing in absolute blockbusters like Hellboy 2 and Blade 2.

The exciting aspects that shout out to me, is if they get back in the studio. I would love to hear a new BROS record and to be able to hear whether their musical maturity really adds to their sound or reduces from their original flair.

What a strange week in music we are having.


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