Spartan Music Portable Battery Powered Mini Amp Review

Gosh what a mouthful to say huh! Well I recently invested in this tiny little machine in order to carry around for mini busking sessions in the neighbourhood. I expected nothing from the amp, just a little extra sound to project the plucky-bits of my guitar playing. So would the little 3 watt box sink or float?

The Looks: The little amp has a certain style to it I really dug. Although the plastic sheen is difficult to ignore, I really loved the little Marshall paint style and the quality of the chrome clip on the back of the amp. The handle is a touch pointless and there just for aesthetic purposes but it does look like quite a cool, tiny amp.

The Sound: Though the amp has the gusto of a mild cheese board, the sound is better than expected. You can’t crank the item up because it does distort any vigorous strumming, but it does carry intricate playing parts well. I’ve played through this thing predominantly on my electro-acoustic and I must admit it has earnt me a pretty penny whilst doing so. The distorted tone is pretty damn gross but then you shouldn’t really be using an amp this small to practice an electric guitar on. The tone control is near pointless as it makes no difference whatsoever the sound produced, but like I said, better than expected.

The Flexibility: Here is what I love about the amp. You can clip the little thing onto your guitar strap and with the use of a mini cable, you can really project an acoustics sound. You can play it in the streets, in your room, in the garden or anywhere and it just will not fall off and will do the job. The flexibility of location is marvellous. Now the flexibility of sound, like I earlier hinted, is not so good. Don’t bother turning on the distorted setting or playing an electric guitar clean either through this amp as you will get the same result, some messy, dirty frequencies. But then that isn’t why you buy this amplifier.

The Price: £13.99… How can you possibly argue with £13.99… For the same price of a crate of beers you can have a decent, beginners busking amp; that’s ruddy crazy! That alone makes the amp a worthwhile buy because it’s sturdy and durable too, it will last, so what can go wrong!

Extras: The only extra that the amp came with was a pre-fitted battery, which in itself is good enough for me. If you minus the battery off of the £13.99 asking price then the amp comes to like £12 which is just stupid at this point, bravo Spartan music bravo.

So all in all, a competent, cheap, beginners busking amp with it’s ups and downs hand in hand.

P Rating: 6/10 – Great for beginners and those looking to start to busk.


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