The Story So Far ‘Songs Of’ EP Review

So I decided to place another EP on the site since I have gone EP crazy the last week or so. Since I have been concentrating on a lot of my most favourite EP’s I thought I would continue with that trend with one my favourite acoustic EP of the last few years, that being ‘Songs Of’ by The Story So Far. Also you gotta love the amount of pop punk flowing in these early stages of the site, everyone loves a bit of pop punk… At least we think everyone do, I guess we will find out below…

The list starts with the song The Glass which is a beautifully constructed folk song combined with Parker Cannons harsh vocals creating an almost folky-punky fusion that when originally listening to, I actually hated. I felt that it was too corny and too soft to really hit me on an emotional level with any other than a little thump. However on the re-listen I suddenly stopped categorising it and actually analysed it and found that it was much more than that. Parker manages to show brilliant vocal gymnastics bouncing from low to high with ease and managing to hit notes in a pitch very difficult to replicate. When pairing that with guitars harmonising pretty little sequences thick with reverb, it works very well and actually becomes a very fun listen for when you are feeling down and you need some release from the teenage angst.

The follow up is Navy Blue, another song that would have audiences conflicted. It still sounds very soft and a bit like a vomit-inducing ballad attempt but still a very sweet song none the less. The guitars again play effect progressions harmonising with one another capitalising on an amazing guitar tone that has a slight pinch yet the smoothness so it melts in your ears after its crackle. Yet again Parker shows his voice off well proving why he is more than just a pop punk singer and showcasing himself as a vocalist able to hit any note the standard pop singer can and more.

The next is the song ‘All Wrong’ which is like an adapted, filler version of their electric original just to transition from song to song. In a weird way it works since it keeps the gentle flow of the EP travelling through well.

Bad Luck then comes next and the last of the originals; the best song The Story So Far have ever produced too. Throwing away the soft, safe tonality away from the first batch of songs, this one actually comes across quite powerful and aggressive. Using the cajon with a bit of bass-ier beat, it adds some ‘oomph’ to the folk-punk combo and creates a much stronger and better bolstered sound. The lyrical melody is strong as well showing the grunt in the rough tone of Parkers voice as well as fitting well over the gorgeous tones of the acoustic guitars. I’d go so far to say that the acoustic guitars on this album are up there with the best I’ve ever heard pro-production.

The album finishes off with a Bob Marley cover that though is catchy and hummable, it does come off as more functional rather than a stand out performance so to comment on it would only be like me commenting on a lesser version of the original.

To rate this album is difficult, especially as it would come across far too biased. I happen to love pop punk music myself but as a music fan I can understand exactly why someone thought that this EP is much worse than what I think. So with that in mind and despite me loving it personally and having had the time to let it grow on me, the EP gets a 7/10.

7/10 – A brilliant listen for pop punk fans, not for everyone.


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