The Supersonics Interview (31/01/2016)

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When we were first contacted by The Supersonics, we had no idea what to expect. However, as soon as the music begun, we immediately knew this was a group of hugely talented lads. They have a very refined approach to songwriting, intertwining groovy licks, booming drums and growling bass lines, whilst additionally creating captivating progressive song structures and strong hooks. With a very professional original sound and look also, this band has all the promise and potential to mark their territory in the rock genre.



Q. What would you say your particular music style/repertoire is? How would you describe your music?

A. Our band has been formed quite recently, particularly in August 2014 and we are still trying to define our music style, but it’s all about rock. Rock music runs in our veins and for us it can be dynamic, groovy and romantic sometimes. We have many influences and we are still experimenting with our style and sound, but if we have to describe our music, we would say that it is alternative and progressive rock with melodic guitar riffs and solos. Furthermore, we have a classic and hard rock approach in our sound. When we play in concerts, we choose to play some covers from different kinds of music, but always in a way that fits with our style.

Q. Who are your biggest influences when making music and do you feel you take any aspects from their style and add it to your own?

A. Savanović I. (Savvas Iliadis) – My two greatest influences are Kurt Cobain and Liam Gallagher, each one of them has a different personality, and they provide me with a different perspective to approach music. My favorite band is Radiohead, I love Thom Yorke’s approach to music. There are also other influences such as the Smiths, Oasis, Clutch etc. It has to do with the way I feel every time I play.

Johan I. (Ioannis Iliadis) – Music for me is all about liberating your soul to escape from the  world and the reality you’re in and to become  part of another reality you’d actually want to be in. I believe that music is like an energy floating above us. Can we reach it? As a child I was fascinated with Red Hot Chili Peppers. The thing really moved me from the very first moment was the passion and love that John Frusiante (RHCP former and eternal guitarist) expresses through his style. It reminds me of Hendrix, but it is unique. It was like he let his soul his free and let the music run through his body to give life through melody. He’s my greatest influence and has helped me to maintain my humanity. Another major figure that influences my music is Michael Ankerfeld Opeth’s front man who is one of the most talented musicians of our era. I also love Eric Johnson and SRV.

Ntinos O’mine (Konstantinos Koutsianopoulos) – The band has the  biggest place in my heart is  Dream Theater,  I’ ve been  listening to them since I was on high school. I’m influenced by Mike Portnoy, he’s an extraordinary drummer. The way he plays drums makes me approach music differently. I cannot forget my idol, his name Buddy Rich. His rhythm, his passion, his technique are amazing. Generally speaking I’ m keen on heavy metal stuff, that give a unique dynamic to music. (Iron Maiden, Nightwish etc).

Q. What albums would you put up there as your favourite of all time?

A. Savanović I – 

My top three albums:
1. Nevermind – Nirvana
Definitely Maybe – Oasis
OK Computer – Radiohead

Johan I – 

1. Curtains – John Frusciante
2. Stadium Arcadium – RHCP
3. Unknown Pleasures – Joy Division

Ntinos O’ mine – 

1. Metropolis – Dream Theater

Q. What is the favourite gig you have ever played?

A. So far we have only played in small gigs where the atmosphere is unique.  We try to share our energy with the people to make it an unforgettable experience every time. Our motto is “LIVE TO PLAY LIVE” whenever and wherever you can.

Q. Have you got any big plans for the near future in the recording process or touring?

A. We are planning to release our first album later this year. Our first song is already on Youtube and Soundcloud. We are also scheduling to make our first tour all over the country and to take part in Festivals.

Q. Where did you get the name The Supersonics from? Was it spur of the moment or does it have some meaning behind it?

A. How we got our name… It’s a funny story actually because it came like so randomly. I was having coffee with a cousin of mine – a brilliant mind – and I was talking to him about the group and how we hadn’t find a name yet. So he got a tissue paper and started writing down names. When I read Supersonics I said; that’s the name! It describes our passion for music and it represents the super efforts we are making, in a country that still struggles with bad economy and stiff minds. And it’s a name that also inspires us to dream and do better every time!

Q. What was the last song you listened to that you would recommend?

A. Savanović IThe Weeping Song – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

Ntinos O’ mineWither – Dream Theater.

We would like to thank this band for their extremely friendly and communicative way in which we completed this interview. These are a group of lads who highly deserve an abundance of support and recognition for their talent and friendly nature! As always we implore you to send some love to their social media and add their music to your daily playlist!

Check out their awesome new single and show them some love!

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