Blink 182 ‘Bored To Death’ Song Review


Blink 182 are a group that I really took to a touch too late. Growing up I never connected with the pop punk scene and always found their music irritating when interrupting my Scuzz and Kerrang play sessions. However, when I hit 17 and started re-listening to their discography again to gain inspiration for songwriting myself, I instantly connected with their message, their style, their individuality and their ability to get everyone in a room belting out their brilliantly catchy lyrics.

So a couple years older, a couple years wiser and with a new lineup, how did Blink fair up to the hype developed around this prestigious comeback? Well personally I think pretty safely. In one sense ‘Bored To Death’ is a very clever business decision since it is easily accessible to the new audience and is centred around a vintage Mark Hoppus vocal melody that is accessible to the older audience. The real star for me on this track is Travis since his drum sequences are elaborate in comparison to others currently in the modern pop punk genre and really carried the tune through the predictable yet competent verses.

The structure of the song being typically pop inspired was again as should be expected since it allowed for the new hook to really flourish. However, where the track suffers is in the same vain of where the track has its strengths; I’m talking predictability. The lyrics were stereotypical of Blink 182 but sounded cheesy and dated when vocalised by the ageing 44 year old Mark Hoppus. The vocal melody itself was also stereotypical of early +44 which again I think was safe but forgettable. The bridge is the only real aspect where I have a big gripe though since the backing ‘Oh’s were almost laughable; I thought the track was a rough demo and was shocked to know that they made the final cut. Not only were they dreadfully over-produced, but they also were out of time and cringe inducing.

Another small preferential gripe would be the lack of inclusion of Skiba’s natural voice on the new track. If you really want to put all the rumours and the hate-mongerers to bed, it would of been clever to pick a song where he really takes the reins to the extent of what Tom would supply. I mean in my personal opinion Tom has lost his voice and left before he could continue destroying what made Blink great, so Skiba ‘phoning’ it in pretending to sing like Hoppus, wasn’t the greatest of ideas. Let him sing in his natural voice rather than making him put on this fake, squeaky Hoppus impression.

6/10 – Safe and simple Blink number typical of their average album filler track but by no means a must-listen.


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