Bruno Mars ’24k Magic’ Song Review

So Bruno Mars is back again with a hugely hyped and anticipated track, this song’s publicity has been inescapable all week and now it’s finally dropped, was it worth making a noise about or would it thrown in the garbage dump like a lot of the bigger tracks this week?

I had a great deal of fun listening to this track. When the auto-tuned vocals kicked in at the start I did take a step back and think to myself ‘ugh not this rubbish again’ but then bang the track starts and it makes you want to move from the first beat. Bruno clearly channels his inner 70’s MC here with an incredibly disco orientated composition. From start to finish this track had me smiling and making comparisons to the likes of Will Smith and The Sugarhill Gang. Sure the lyrics are god awful banging on about how rich he is and how much he can afford, but I was completely distracted by the great instrumentals that carried the song in the background. A funky, well produced bass line, a simplistic yet hearty common time drum beat and some killer synth effects; this track equals a good time whatever the weather. The crowd vocals here and there really brought me back to the likes of Kool and the Gang and gave this track a real personality. Vocal wise the song, of course, was well performed since it’s ruddy Bruno Mars singing it. The guy has one of the best voices in modern pop music and it really fits this funky style (which should of been obvious after Uptown Funk and Treasure). I really hope he carries on making these groove style tracks and steers clear of the predictable ballads we are used to now, I have only the highest hopes for his next track! I will say that the musicality is largely lacking in this track since it doesn’t really develop from part to part but that isn’t nearly enough to turn me away from the track.

7/10 – A really fun and simple modern disco track.


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