John Legend ‘Love Me Now’ Song Review

This track had a hell of a lot of media build up working for it commercially, with producers and name drops that were enticing to say the least. Personally I’ve never been a huge John Legend fan since I feel a lot of his music is incredibly safe and predictable; he’s a star because of the coverage he receives. I’m not saying he isn’t talented, because he does have a functionally strong voice and he does know how to structure a track, but if it were any other name emerging with the songs he produces, I just feel like no-one would bat an eye. Having said that, tracks like ‘Ordinary People’ I think are truly wonderful, in fact I’d go on to say that ‘Ordinary People’ is one of the best ballads ever created, but then you have tracks like ‘All Of Me’ that are messy, cliche, piano set pieces that really offer no sincerity or variation. So having said all this, what did I think about ‘Love Me Now’?

Well it’s difficult really… The lyrics contain a lot of movie-type cliches but then also have a degree of morbidness about death and unloving. I found myself finding the song incredibly dark because of this and hence the chorus seemed conflicting in response. The accompaniment seemed uplifting and was concentrated around a major progression and that didn’t fit the bitter-sweet content. Whilst we are on this subject, instrumentally the song was your same bog standard keyboard track with a couple of thin synths and ambient noises just to build the sound wall. The drums were again very simple, beating away the most overused, common time beat of 2016 (I’m bored of this drumming trend now). The vocal performance was what you can expect, strong and passionate but I did find there were some strange areas where his voice just didn’t fit the style; perhaps it was the melodic line he was trying to sing or maybe he was just ‘over-singing’ in parts. All in all there isn’t much to talk about with this track, it just felt safe yet still weird. It seemed to struggle for identity whilst also following the same steps every other song has done this year; there was nothing new but lyrically the song did focus about a more niche topic.

5/10 – It was a struggle to rate this one, but to summarise the track was very plain and another very predictable slog to get through.


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