DNCE ‘Body Moves’ Song Review

DNCE are one of those groups that are a spectacle to watch as they grow and grow. The Joe Jonas-fronted project released the mega-single ‘Cake by the Ocean’ this summer and it completely blew up, deservedly so as well. So it is somewhat of a surprise that the band hasn’t really had much talk in terms of media in the UK or even much hype online. I expected after their prior release for them to become stratospheric but it seems that they kinda have fallen back off the radar again. Personally, I think the group are great, the songs are catchy and they are injecting musicality back into the charts again. In some ways I hope for them to be the next Jamiroquai and really take off with this modern funk sound, but who knows, it’s way too earlier to call yet. With all of that being said, what did I think of their new single ‘Body Moves’?

Right, there are many positives to take from this track, but there are certainly flaws along the way too. The bass line is funky and memorable but somewhat repetitive as the song continues since there is no real variation during the chorus. The drum beat is probably the weakest part of the track with no fills or transitional chops as well as playing perhaps the most dire funk beat I’ve heard in a long time. The guitar extracts are really strong and very well produced with a sweet tone which adds so much to the texture of the track. The added brass in the middle-eighth is also a lovely inclusion but unfortunately the 8 or so bars they were added to isn’t enough to make them viable; it was adding an instrument for the sake of adding another timbre rather than any musical thought. Vocally the song was very strong as you’d expect. I know a lot of people have sour gripes about the Jonas brothers but at the end of the day, Joe and Nick have some really talent vocally. Now Joe gets to concentrate entirely on fronting this funk project without any family interference or Disney criticism, he seems much more at home and loose with some really sweet falsetto work in the chorus. Structurally the song could of shaved a good thirty seconds but what would of been better, was if they sorted the middle eighth better. They had a sweet progression and theme opening in that section that was cut off way too early for no real reason other than to reintroduce a minimal chorus prelude. Lyrically the song was your typical pop, watered down provocative mess but it was functional enough not to give to much criticism to. All in all, a very average funk track with some decent ideas that just weren’t flushed out enough.

6/10 – I’m excited to see how the group develops, just hopefully there will be more attention to detail.


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