Lady Gaga ‘Perfect Illusion’ Song Review

After unsettling a lot of people with my review to ‘Million Reasons, it’s a fair assumption to say I’m not in the Gaga fan club at the moment. I felt ‘Million Reasons’ was a weak country attempt that really possessed no life to it. Although the harmonies were decent and there were moments of real strength, it really didn’t inspire anything in me. So what about her prior single ‘Perfect Illusion’? Well that’s what you’re here for, so let me dive in and review this track for you…

I think this song is much more suiting for Gaga personally, but still there are flaws. Let’s start off with the good stuff first… I thought the track was mixed really, bloody well, with each beat sounding big and heart-pounding. The instrumentation sounded thick and flavoursome with plenty of ambient synth working hard to cover up the awful, distorted guitar tone (don’t worry, it just about succeeded). Rhythmically the track was pulsating vibrantly which in turn led me to feeling a very early 90’s vibe; not a bad thing as I felt that was the best era for party music. Vocally the track was very strong too with the final chorus really being howled out with emotion and power; a much better vocal delivery than ‘Million Reasons’. The key change was also impressively executed coming out of the blue to be one of the stand out moments of the track. Now we are on to the negatives…Lyrically the song was incredibly weak and way too reliant on cliche phrases. Although the chorus was catchy, that was due to the melodic lines rather than the worded substance. Also the track felt like it was missing something, like some hard-hitting bass or a true middle eighth (although the key change was the bridge, it would of been better fitted towards the end of the final chorus to bring it up to a proper climax). But then you have to look at this as a party song and not a serious track, if you do it that way you’re going to have so much more fun.

6.5/10 – So nearly a great track, just lacking that little bit of spice to make it more memorable.


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