Music News: Cowell turning on Niall Horan?

The biggest villain in modern music was living up to his infamous reputation this weekend by snubbing ex One Direction member Niall Horan with rather off-hand comments. In a move that might anger many, Cowell suggested that Horan would have charted higher if he had remained with Syco (Cowell’s record label). Supposedly the young Irishman shunned a chance at signing with Syco and instead signed with bitter rivals Universal.

‘This Town’ was Niall’s first solo effort since breaking away from One Direction and it charted up at number nine, a whole eight places behind fellow X-Factor contestant James Arthur, who hit number one this week with his comeback single under the Syco banner.

“He probably would have had a Number One single if he’d stayed with me,” Cowell smugly commented, “But you know who does have a Number One this week? James Arthur. Very pleased he’s back with us with a fantastic record”. Now this would be great, if he remembered that there was such thing as the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart, the most influential and important chart in the world, the same chart that contained a certain Niall Horan up at 63 and doesn’t contain James-what’s his name again? I’m kidding, James Arthur seems like a nice enough lad, like his song/songs suck, but nice enough.

Cowell notoriously has offered no help to any of the 1D group members who have launched their own solo careers, ostracising Zayn Malik after he made a similar decision. “Look, I’m not going to lie when I hear they’re doing something, and they haven’t approached me, you think, ‘Well I would have liked you to,’ but it’s their choice, I’m not bitter – much”, were the lines muttered from Cowell to further justify his statement against Niall.

Now this has only furthered the ideology that Cowell is a selfish, ‘money-hungry’ music mogul, since he is quick to turn his back on any of his previous projects if they disobey him, even in the slightest. One Direction were his biggest cash grab, his magnum opus if you would, the biggest act he has ever had and likely will ever have, but one wrong step and bang, they no longer mean dirt to him. This is a neglectful act on his part, but as much as we all may pry and hope, it will have no repercussions.



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