Slaves ft. Mike D. ‘Consume Or Be Consumed’ Song Review

Truth is, never been a Slaves fan. Never even been a punk fan to be honest… But I thought I’d give this track a go since I wanted to see what all the hype was about. If you’re British and under thirty years of age, chances are you’ve heard of Slaves, not just heard about them in fact, but had them rammed down your throat by the media. Whether it was because of them headlining stages they don’t quite hold the status for, or because of them appearing on BBC Live Lounge performing sub-rate covers of tracks that no-one cares about anymore, you still remember the name Slaves. So what I’m saying, is the marketing team behind these guys are phenomenal and that they really deserve an award for how much spamming they can do in a couple months. Usually I hate two-piece bands too, especially established groups, because the mixing always sounds horrific. Just get yourself a guitarist or get yourself a bassist and stop this edgy movement of duo groups; in the words of Filthy Frank, it’s time to stop. Anyways off of that digression and onto the song in hand, ‘Consume Or Be Consumed’…

The bass line felt very ‘Dr. Feelgood’-esque with this quirky progression repeating over and over; it was stuck in my head for hours afterwards. The distorted bass tone did it’s best to atone for not having a lead guitar, but to me the mix still felt thin. I liked the little synth harmony that was introduced later in the track and I think it did wonders to hide the flaws in the rough mix. The vocal performance was decent enough for a punk track with a gritty, aggressive feel being sent through your body as the lyrics were shouted at you through the speakers. However, the track felt very much like a ‘Beastie Boys’ demo rather than a standalone single, which is pretty funny considering a ‘Beastie Boy’ is actually on the track. Whilst we are on the subject, what was the point of Mike D in this track? He was in the song for twenty seconds… Less if you consider the breaks he had on his final line… I think he was on here for name dropping sake which shouldn’t be a factor in punk music you know with that anti-establishment, screw what people think of me approach. Structurally the song was as weak as every punk song usually is, repeating the same chorus over and over with no musicality on show whatsoever. The lyrics were your usual modern punk tripe I guess with the odd spattering of insults and threats too, nothing to really behold to be honest; it actually felt a little cheesy.

5/10 – A resounding meh with this one…



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