Stand Up Arcade Interview (10/01/2016)


We have a massive thank you to state to you guys who have been reading the site as of the last two days or so. Consistently we have been topping our peak milestones, breaking our stat predictions and even having booming traffic. We can’t be thankful enough for this outcry of support and we are honestly so grateful for you all helping us grow here as a new budding music community.

Any ways, today we are lucky enough to show you a band that again really surprised me on my first listen. For an independent band to have such strong sound quality and a top degree of songwriting professionalism is so rare, let alone when they are so young. With a mixture of Mayday Parade, old school pop punk and even modern day easycore, this band supply a very fun outlook on creating music. It’s music which instantly entertains and blasts the fun dial off of the charts. So often we have bands and artists approach with symbolic and thought provoking music meaning that we never have time to just kick back and listen to an uplifting fun song.  This band changed that and genuinely had me smiling throughout their brand new EP ‘Sunsets & Silhouettes’ with my foot tapping and hands  waving. With immediately catchy tunes and memorable melodies, we are proud to present to you our Stand Up Arcade interview! The Q&A went as below:

Q. What would you say your particular music style/repertoire is; how would you describe your music?

A. We always class ourselves as a mix between pop-punk and emo. Our music is very melody-focused with a real attention to detail when it comes to the lyrics.

Q. Who are your biggest influences when making music and do you feel you take any aspects from their style and add it to your own?

A. (Thomas McNichol, Vocals and Guitar): My biggest influence would have to be Jason Lancaster, ex-Mayday Parade and Go Radio vocalist and guitarist. All of his songs have such powerful lyrics and melodies and that’s definitely something I try to focus on in my song-writing.

Q. What album/albums would you put up there as your favourite of all time?

A. (Thomas McNichol, Vocals and Guitar): Mayday Parade’s ‘A Lesson In Romantics’ was an album I fell in love with as soon as I heard it and it’s been up there for me ever since. Honourable mentions would have to go to Kids In Glass Houses’ ‘Smart Casual’ and Twin Atlantic’s ‘Free’.

Q. Have you got any big plans for the near future in the recording process or touring?

A. Right now we’re taking a little while out of playing live to really knuckle down and finish writing for our sophomore EP, once that’s done we’ll be looking to record sometime in spring and hope to have it out for the summer. Branching out of our local area and playing live in places further afield isn’t something we’ve managed to do on this EP cycle so it’s definitely something we’re looking to do with this new release. There’s a few other really cool things yet to be announced as well that are getting us really excited for what 2016 has to offer.

Q. So recently I listened to your single 126 Missed Calls Is Way Too Much and I love what you guys were doing by combining the dual vocals of say a Mayday Parade with old school pop punk vibes chucked in with even a sprinkling of a Don Broco being evident there too! What made you go down the whole emo/rock/pop rock type route and what do you think about the current scene at the moment in the mainstream of this genre?

A. The main reason we chose to go down this particular route is purely because it’s a style of music / scene that we’ve all got a really big passion for. Bands like Mayday Parade, Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory, they’re all bands that we grew up listening to and are obviously a huge influence on our own writing.

The current scene, particularly in the mainstream, is absolutely massive right now. You look at the bands that have broken through in the last few years and it’s mind-blowing what they’ve gone on to do in such a short period of time! You look at the likes of Neck Deep, State Champs and Knuckle Puck, they only broke out around two years ago and they’re all heading out on a World Tour soon!

Q. As a group, what would you say is your song writing process?

A. Usually what happens is one of us will bring an idea to practice. It can be anything from a short guitar riff, to a vocal melody or even the back bone of an entire song, and we usually sit and jam around to it. The majority of progress is done individually, at home and brought to practice and fine-tuned.

Q. What was the last song you listened to and would you recommend it?

A. (Thomas McNichol, Vocals and Guitar): The last song I listened to was ‘Shine’ by Years & Years and I’d definitely recommend it!

There we have it! Stand Up Arcade are a great bunch of guys with an even greater sound, if you’re a fan of the modern rock genre then definitely check these guys out because I can quite easily see them in the top flight in the next few years. So do us a favour and get out there and send some love to their EP online and their social media, they deserve it!

Stand Up Arcade Bandcamp:

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