Tinie Tempah ‘Bounce’ Song Review

How Tinie Tempah has managed to stay relevant so long is almost beyond me, but fair do’s the guy still seems to get a lot of media attention. Back in the day, young teenage me used to love the school disco banger’s that Tinie would produce, bloody ‘Frisky’ and ‘Passout’ were everyone’s jam and don’t act like you think otherwise! They were fun, mindless tracks with a great beat and some lyrical fun. But ever since 2011, all Tinie Tempah has produced is garbage, grade A garbage. Not only is he one of the worst British rappers currently hitting the charts right now, his songs are borderline offensively bad. Not just that, but why is he guest appearing in every British TV program that involves anything to do with music, the guy sucks! So please, let this song be good and open my eyes to find the reason why anyone still cares for Tinie Tempah…

Ugh… The instrumentals in this track are great, they are fun, exciting, variant and sound decent enough in big speakers. The bass in particular is catchy as heck and carries the song throughout each section. Shift K3Y produced these instrumentals so it’s no surprise as  to why the beat is so strong; every thing I’ve heard from Shift K3Y thus far has been pretty exciting. I even enjoyed the little dubstep-style middle eighth in the track to break the dynamics up a little bit. But my God, that has to be one of the worst vocal/rap performances of the year… Not only is the vocal track over produced and disruptive to the mix, what they heck is that tone of voice. The nasally approach just sounds horrific and when you pair that with the awful lyrics, you have a particularly hideous track. I wish I could dissect the bad phrases but there are just too many for review! Here are some examples at the very least, ‘Yeah, said hi, she said hello, her body bangin’, her body for string fellows’, ‘White boys tryna be black, all fellow, black boys tryna be white like Baron Bellew’ and finally the outright gem of a phrase, ‘don’t tell oh, the hotel-o, they so jello, oh hello, check you in your stilettos’… How is this passable! When you have acts like Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler the Creator, Stormzy, Kano etc also performing at the same time in the music industry, why would anyone pick Tinie Tempah over these people? His lyrics are weak, his delivery is irritating and he has no invention to his persona.

3/10 – If Shift K3Y wasn’t on this track, then it would of been utter trash.


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