Blink 182 ‘Rabbit Hole’ Song Review

So the follow up track to Blink 182’s ‘Bored to Death’ dropped this weekend with great anticipation to be able to hear what the rest of the album would begin to feel like. Going into this track I really wanted to hear more clarity in Skiba’s vocal melodies, a catchier yet more driving riff and just slight progress from the very plain but functional first track. However unfortunately, this track was huge step back for me.

Starting with the post production, whatever studio wizard has been tweeking with the vocal tools and guitar tones needs to seriously stop because yet again this track suffers from a mass amount of over production. The vocals sound watery and weak, the guitar thin and lifeless; it contributes to a pretty contentless track.

My main issue isn’t necessarily my preference for production technique, but the actually songwriting on this track is well… Garbage. Yes I know Blink 182 aren’t renowned for 15 minute concept prog pieces, but they were experts in catchy, precise and direct tunes that have a certain timeless value as the rest of their acts around them progress. Here, ‘Rabbit Hole’ contains cliche and completely forgettable lyrics, a strumming guitar that plays a rhythm we’ve heard a million times before, a bass tone and sequence which looks like it will be repeated way too much in this album, backing vocals that only up the cheese factor and the same bloody bridge as the first track (which I cited as the worst aspect from the first track also).

The up-sides? The drums are produced excellently and show a degree of complexity so yet again Travis is killing it on this record. Also Skiba’s tone of voice sounded much more suited to the track and sounded much stronger than Hoppus this time round. Is that enough to save it? Sadly not…

4/10 – Weak, album filler track carried by another brilliant performance by Travis.


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