Music News: Solange fights off competition for top spot!

Justice for music I say, justice for music! In a turn of events no one truly expected this year, Solange’s new album has beat out Bon Iver to the top spot on the US album chart. It is the first full LP since Solange’s 2008 effort and I think, personally, that this accolade is fully deserved.

Stats prove that the album sold a whopping 72,000 equivalent album units landing the Knowles sister the number one record on the Billboard chart. In second place came the album ’22, A Million’ by Bon Iver which sold just 1000 less than ‘A Seat At The Table’. So why do I call this justice? Well that’s because, as you’ve seen by the reviews, Bon Iver’s new album was shockingly bad and lazy; completely undeserving of any accolade.

Here in the UK the story wasn’t quite so sweet with Solange only making it to number 17, a higher charting number than I expected anyway. Bon Iver on the other hand was pipped again, this time by garage star Craig David’s new album.

This is huge news from this site’s point of view because we really feel a sense of pride to see a structured and competent project triumph over ‘fandom’ and mediocrity. We send our hearty congratulations to Solange!

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