You Me At Six ‘Plus One’ Song Review

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a gander over to the You Me At Six catalogue for some listening pleasure, mostly because I never really liked them in the first place. I always felt that they couldn’t decide on their image, whether they wanted to be pop-punk or metalcore or even plain pop; they ended up being mediocre at all of these things. But they were good at creating catchy choruses, so that’s a plus right! So after typing in their name, I was surprised when I saw that they had recently released this track… Not a single person on Earth seemed to be talking about them, so I took the opportunity to do so myself!

Well again, they’ve suffered hugely at the hands of another identity crisis. So they are trying this new hard rock approach, think Royal Blood or Band of Skulls, and they just do not suit it whatsoever. The vocals conflicted so much with the accompaniment that it was laughable; Josh Franceschi is far better at delicate pop-rock than face-melting hard rock. There wasn’t really a sustainable riff in this track, just some guitar bending/wailing and it got tiresome after the fourth time of hearing it. Rhythmically the song is unimaginative, relying on a common time beat and regular structure to pass through it’s minuscule 2:34 minute run time. Lyrically the song was average too with no phrases of value or thought, to be honest it was fairly difficult to understand whilst distracted by how unfitting the vocal tone was. Production wise the track was solid, but nothing to really note since it is kinda expected to be solid; it’s really not hard to produce a hard rock track. I’m struggling to find anything more to say about the song as it really contains no substance; there isn’t anything to really review. So I guess it’s time I put the You Me At Six catalogue back to bed for another ten years…

4/10 – Bog standard British hard rock track.


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