Youth Salute ‘Shudder’ Song Review

Having previously interviewed these guys on our ex-parent site Music Season, it’s fair to say that their professionalism and their passion was immediately obvious to myself and the team. Having then heard their ‘Carry With You’ EP, it also became obvious that these guys are talented as heck; their style and sophistication was something to behold for an independent group. So going into this track, my hope were high and it’s a safe bet to say that I expected a lot…

They delivered, oh boy did they deliver! This song is my new favourite in their catalogue and for good reason. Let’s start with the production. The production was excellent with each instrument being mixed perfectly rather than the over-mixing we are used to with popular rock outfits. The guitar tones were gorgeous (both clean and distorted), the drums sounded deep and flavoursome with the equalisation on the kick being particularly good, the bass sounded hearty and powerful, and the vocals were sincere and natural. Moving on to the arrangement, I also thought the musicality was a gem to decipher. The genres in this track flipped and twisted from alt-rock, to pop punk, to grunge, to even math-style sections; being a huge prog fan, I of course loved this approach. Technicality wise the song also felt so strong with beautiful instrumental harmonies and a lovely backing ostinato during verses. The tapping sections felt very reminiscent of Fall Of Troy, Fish Tank and Polyphia yet still managed to feel coherent and cohesive to the backing instrumentals; a hard job to do. Lyrically the song felt emotional and meaningful, with each syllable being delivered with power and heart; another stand out area for this track. I’m struggling to find a weak area of this song, this could be the track that takes the group to a new level, in fact it should be. The only tiny niggle on the track may of been the final clean section where the strings felt just a touch out of tune but I had to study hard to even notice it; you’d only notice it as a guitarist actively looking for a flaw.

G Rating: 8/10 – An alt rock jewel of a track; a musicians type of music.

I Rating: 9.5/10 – One of the best independent tracks I’ve heard this year.



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