Zara Larsson ‘Ain’t My Fault’ Song Review

Prior to this track, I’m pretty sure that I hadn’t heard anything produced by Zara Larsson. So going into this, I was a clean slate, a fresh viewer, looking to see what all the hype was about. Of course I’d heard of Zara Larsson, the singer has been inescapable on online music outlets with interviews and links to Live Lounges everywhere I go to click. With all said and done, what did I think of this track?

Well that’s three and a half minutes of my life I won’t get back. Is this really what everyone is making a fuss about? Lets start with the positives… Well there aren’t any really, um, the bass was quite deep and wholesome at a push I guess, um, there were decent attempts at creating a catchy melody (none of which worked), um, yeah there weren’t any really. Now on to the flaws, everyone’s favourite category of criticism! Production wise the song the was a shambles. The vocals were over produced to heck with auto tune that made each note sound as if a robot was jarring from a malfunction. The little brass melody was blisteringly awful, repeating a melody over and over that wasn’t catchy in the first place (the high pitched nature and tone of it made it physically difficult to listen to). The track was thin with no textures or layers to beef up the generated sound; you had a low end with the bass, a high end with the brass and nothing in-between. The lyrics, as you’d expect, were awful attempts at being seductive but instead came across as forced and sleazy. Structurally the song was weak with a strange, theatrical bridge that changed key and didn’t fit the song one bit; at least they tried I guess. The vocal performance was functional but no better than any dime-a-dozen singer out in the charts at the moment; completely forgettable with no individuality. The biggest crime for this track however, is the clear plagiarism. This is a bad rip off of multiple Beyonce tracks, just put together. It has the beat and structure of 7/11, the beat breakdown and syllabic rhythm of the end of Flawless, the staccato vocal delivery Beyonce is known for and heck if you watch the video, it even has the same Belgium-style choreography that Beyonce uses. This track is really, really, really bad, in the worst kind of ways too.

2/10 – It tried to be fun, ended up being tasteless and forgettable.


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