Bird On A Rock Interview (28/12/2015)


Riding off of our last interview with the DTwinz we decided to keep the new acts flowing in to the site. I was recommended to check out Bird On A Rock by one of our co-directors on an off day to indulge in some personal listening. I was more than impressed with this input. These guys have a really fresh sound similar to the likes of Fall Of Troy and CHON but with their own style blasted all over it. With wicked sweet guitar solos, interestingly enticing drum progressions, cheeky yet tasty bass sequences and a vocalist that caps it all off with terrific tonality and fantastical flair, these guys really wowed me straight from the outset. Luckily we managed to get a hold of them for a segment too as you can obviously tell by the title and managed to squeeze a question and answer session in with them. The outcome that was produced is as below:

Q. What would you say your particular music style/repertoire is; how would you describe your music?
A.  I’d say our music style is a mix between progressive and post rock music. As of now our music has a very happy progressive sound, with some post rock infused in it. We also have some jazzier stuff in our songs but not too much.
Q. Who are your biggest influences when making music and do you feel you take any aspects from their style and add it to your own?

A. Seth (guitar): Polyphia and Scale the Summit

Matt (bass): This Town Needs Guns and Thank You Scientist
Justin (drums): Hiromi and CHON
Andrew (vocals): R. Kelly and Drake (we aren’t lying)
I think this is what makes us different from a lot of bands, because we listen to a wide variety of music, and try to incorporate it in ours. Every song we want to make more unique than the other one, so you have a purpose to listen to every song. Some of us listen to jazz, some rap, and others metal. All together we love prog music, so we like to blend all of our other favorite genres into it. This is why we have a rap section in Up There, a metal section in Infinite Loop, and a little jazzy swing section during the guitar solo in Shooting Down Satellites. We like a lot of different types of music, and when we mix them all together I think it makes our sound what it is.
Q. What album/albums would you put up there as your favourite of all time?

A. Seth: ‘Hold Your Fire’ by Rush and Lifeboat by Jimmy Herring

Matt: ‘Colors by Between the Buried’ and ‘Me and No Drum and Bass in the Jazz Room’ by Clever Girl
Justin: ‘Imaginaerum’ by Nightwish and ‘Move’ by Hiromi
Andrew: ‘Colors Before the Sun’ by Coheed and Cambria and ‘By The Way’ by Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Q. So as we know you have released your first EP, what was the recording process like and what was your favourite part?

A. Seth: It was fun and very tiring. It was interesting to hear our music back in a professional sound quality after just hearing our music through what he hear when we rehearse.

Matt: After being a garage band for so long and just writing stupid stuff it was really cool to hear us do something professional for the first time. It was fun.
Justin: Being interested in audio and recording, I was really excited by the whole process. It was really tiring, as we did this for a week, around 8 hours a day. Hearing our music back to us in a professional quality was really mind blowing and made me really happy to see where we’ve come. My favourite part was probably hearing all of the instruments come together during the final days of us recording.
Andrew: My favourite part was seeing all of the parts come together after practicing them for so long!
Q. What is the most important subject or priority to you when in a band and why?
A. Our most important priority when we get to a rehearsal is putting together all the ideas we have. Lyrics get written pretty easily for us between our bassist Matt and singer Andrew. Our guitarist Seth writes most of the music, and then I put together the ideas we have. In rehearsal we make sure the ideas that we have sound right together, and add any tweaks we may need to make the song better. This works well for us since most of the writing we do happens outside rehearsal. This is how we wrote all of the songs on our EP.
Q. Have you got any big plans for the near future in the recording process or touring?
A. As of now we are writing new stuff. We plan on recording another EP sometime in the future, but we don’t have many plans for it right now. We are trying to write bigger, and heavier stuff. What we have right now sounds very post rock, and we’re trying to get a lot more technical. Now that we have a nice foundation from our first EP, we’re really excited to expand on our music and make it sound more dynamic. For now we took a break from playing some shows, just because we feel bad making people listen to the same five songs every time they come out and see us. During this break we’ll write all new material so we can expand our library of songs, and to practice so our live shows can be better than ever!
Q. Where did the jazzy name ‘Bird On A Rock’ come from? Who’s idea and why?

A. During summer vacation between 8th and 9th grade I found the app Garageband on the Mac I had, and I started to experiment with it by recording myself on the drums, and made a little album out of all the recordings I had. I asked my friend Matt, who’s now our bassist, to play guitar with me on some recordings, and my friend Andrew to sing on some too. When I asked my brother what we should call the album of amateur recordings of my friends, he said Bird On A Rock, because he saw a bird sitting on a rock in our front yard. I thought it was funny so that’s what I named it, and when we decided to become an actual band, the name stuck with us so we used that as our band name.

These lads are a great bunch of musicians and an even better bunch of people so we urge you all out there to head straight on to YouTube and listen to their full album stream. They deserve all the recognition they can get and then even more some, their music is of the highest calibre and actually something I’ve added onto my own personal playlist!

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