Solange ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ Song Review

After reviewing ‘Cranes In The Sky’ and being more than impressed with the outcome, I thought I’d give a shot at reviewing the main single off of the album. ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’, has had a ton of positive critical response by the media over the last week or so which in turn made me want to see what all the talk was about. So pour yourself a cuppah’ and let’s dive into the track together…

Somehow, this track I found even better than ‘Cranes In The Sky’. Who expected Solange to come out with an album as good as this, because I certainly wrote her off and now I feel like a fool because of it! Back on to the song in hand, ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ is an absolutely brilliant track. It’s excellently thought out, classy and a really, really, really good listen. Let’s start with the production… It was damn near perfect. The vocals were mixed very well allowing for the delicacy and sophistication in Solange’s voice to be really showcased. The accompaniment, though minimalistic, felt raw and flavoursome with the texture feeling full and vibrant. Musicality wise the accompaniment also felt strong never over-doing parts and including exterior synths and ambient sounds only when necessary to vary the track up from section to section. Structurally the song was imaginative and brave with a chorus that wasn’t too flashy but rather kept the continuation of momentum generated by the fantastic verses. By the time the final chorus hit, I was completely invested, so it was important that it left me feeling satisfied and boy did it. With the extra instrumentation and build up it felt huge and significant. But let’s talk about the real star here, Solange. She is really gunning for Beyonces vocal crown with this track. Although many people might not cite her for having the best voice, it’s what she does with that voice that makes it so special. She sings with a sense of intelligence and aura, allowing for each lyric to be fully dramatised and explored. She never ‘over-sings’ too, she just allows each note to do it’s job and really fill in the gaps left by the instrumentation. I feel that she was channeling her inner SEAL with this track because it had that style of substance and sincerity; real individual approach to accenting some lyrics. It never feels like she is just a singer over a backing track, she is the track and she works alongside the track in a gorgeous unison. The only gripe I have about the track is the sudden ending, it’s nothing big but I just feel that it leaves a bit bluntly. One of the standout tracks of the year, if I had heard it last week, it would of pipped ‘Cranes In The Sky’ to the Track of the Week award. What an end to 2016 Solange is having, I hope she keeps up the good work and keeps this avante-garde song style rolling into the future.

9/10 – Another fantastic track from the ‘A Seat At The Table’ album.


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