Chris Brown ‘Come Home Tonight’ Song Review

The last good song I heard from Chris Brown was ‘Fine China’ and that track came out just over two years ago now. Although many of you might disagree with me on that, I just feel that lately he has been putting out songs, for the heck of putting out songs. Before ‘Fine China’ was released, meh, I didn’t really care for Chris Brown in any way. I found his persona needlessly rough and irritating, not to mention his controversies which were either tiresome or pretty damn stupid; on occasion they were both. His conduct outside of the studio is usually poor for such a huge music icon and to me that has always stained his talent. With that being said, I’m just going to review this track and forget all prior work and the stigma surrounding the superstar, so let’s dive straight in.

I find myself conflicted on this track. My biggest problem with it has to be Chris Brown himself (let me explain)… The instrumentals in the track were great. They were catchy, fun and really set a great atmosphere for the song. Although the drum beat remained weak throughout the track, the bass really carried the tune throughout, with a sweet progression that, from a musical standpoint, was exciting to hear. It was also mixed very well, allowing for each part to be distinguished and textured. The inclusion of minimal synth’s during the chorus was also a great idea; it never flooded the song but rather just increased the instrumental layering. Where my problem lies, like I mentioned before, is with Chris Brown. His vocal performance felt so over-dramatic and predictable. Although I can’t argue that his falsetto is unbelievable, he doesn’t have to use it fifteen times every song. Each note felt like it lost all direction due to obsesent crooning. It meant that no vocal melodies or hooks were really formed because each phrase was spewed out at different pitches; it felt so wobbly. The harmonies, though well thought out, became that flooding synth sound I mentioned earlier, sounding like an over-produced garble in the mix. I know it’s a horrible saying, but it did genuinely ‘just sound like noise’. It took all the emotion and sincerity out of the track hence losing Chris’s individualised approach altogether. If you had anyone from Jason Derulo to Usher singing on this track, you honestly would not notice the difference and that’s sad really.

4/10 – Potentially such a great track but it just fell apart after 30 seconds.


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