Maroon 5 ft. Kendrick Lamar ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ Song Review

Oh boy here’s a stinker! This new Maroon 5 track dropped yesterday and wow has it caused a lot of fans to get mighty angry, mighty fast. With that many people causing a fuss about one simple song, I thought, ‘my goodness, this could be some review gold’, shall we see if that is the case?

Right, so the track is hardly controversial like I thought it was going to be, but I can understand why so many Maroon 5 fans feel so cheated on. This track blows! And on a rather substantial level too! Now Maroon 5 to me have always been the lesser version of Jamiroquai. I understand they’re far better known than the prior named group, but I think musically they seemed to be the discount version anyway, so this song bombing, really didn’t surprise me too much. With no further adieu, let me explain to you why this track sucks…

Firstly it is a blatant cash-grab rip off. I doubt Maroon 5 really cared much writing this track and rather thought, ‘Justin Bieber is making a hell of a lot of money off of this new Caribbean style of electronic music and you know we like money so eh, what is the worst that can happen’. It is a literal beat for beat remake of ‘Let me love you’, just with some lower pitched marimba’s and a guest appearance by Kendrick Lamar (why Kendrick, why did you have to betray me like this). It is so lazy. The instrumentals, like I hinted, are unimaginative and possess no life to them whatsoever. Although decently mixed (as you’d expect from a group this big), it just felt so tacky. The vocals, though also well mixed, are probably some of the worst Adam Levine has ever supplied. The melody is weak at best and the delivery had no enthusiasm or sincerity. On the subject of Kendrick, why Kendrick, why damn you! The rapping verse is so bad, both lyrically and in the sense of delivery. The flow was yet again weak and forgettable, the lyrics dire and forced; it really was adding a big name for the sake of adding a big name. Structurally the song was weak as heck too with no moments of shine whatsoever. The chorus tried to push forth a hook but it just was swept away into a fathom of forgettable sequences. And the middle eighth I hear you ask (that might be the voices in my head though), yeah that’s none existent unless you class a rap verse as a bridge now.

Sorry if this review felt cluttered and lacked direction, I just found myself lost in describing this track as anything else other than boring and safe. I literally couldn’t find anything of significance to really talk about. Maroon 5 sure will of isolated a ton of fans with this track, but I’m sure it will of effected them as they wipe such salty tears away with their stacks of dollar bills.

3/10 – Of course the track sucked, you could tell that by the first 5 seconds if you listened to it.


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