Olly Murs ‘Grow Up’ Song Review

Olly Murs is a hit or miss artist for me, mostly because I find his music to be painstakingly boring. Now this isn’t an insult to the guy, because I think outside of the studio, he seems like a lovely bloke with some real, raw vocal talent, but jheeze his tracks can be a snooze to get through. Let’s hope that this song can turn the tables round shall we…

Well unfortunately not… I found this track equally boring in every sense of the word. Starting with the instrumentals, the song just screamed safe. The progression was your average major sequence and your drums were your average common time beat… Nothing new here at all. Although the guitar tone felt flavoursome and rich, it quickly sank into the mesh of the accompaniment due to over-produced vocals and lacklustre textures. The bass quickly swamped the mix becoming the only real audible instrument and it just felt like the track lost it’s life way too soon. I did enjoy some of the harmonies introduced into the track, but again they were way too loud in the mix, cutting the edge off of any backing instrumentation. So all in all the track was well layered but bogged down with shoddy producing. The vocals were delivered well and the melodic phrasing had some catchy moments, but my main problem is that there were too many. If that doesn’t make sense, allow me to explain. A song should have one hook, that way you give it something individual to remember it by, but when you add hook after hook, the song loses it’s cohesion and integrity, swapping it for a clearly commercialised body. The little staccato vocals coming off of the chorus each time felt over-produced, like irritating synths, and just didn’t fit the songs instrumentally chilled, summery feel. Lyrically the song was substandard with some real lines of utter cheese but then all of Murs’ songs follow that trend I’m afraid. Now don’t get me wrong, the track isn’t bad, nowhere near bad, but the problem is, that it’s not memorable whatsoever. It’s an obvious ploy to get people humming it and sharing it; there is no musical value here.

5/10 – Not bad, not good, but average, simple really.


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