Impyus Interview (12/01/2016)


Impyus are somewhat of an anomaly when they came onto our music radar. After listening to countless indie bands and rock bands, they blew us completely out of the water with their sound. Like nothing we had ever heard of, they combined funk with rock… With hip hop… With prog… With just about anything you had ever heard. Yet with all this scope, they still nurtured it into an awesome sound. In short, they are like the nu-metal that stayed relevant, the rap rock that didn’t try to copy the market and the funk rock that never went cliche.

IMPYUS Band Photo

With a brilliantly mature sound and a completely different approach to music, we proudly present to you the great Impyus for an interview segment here on the site! The Q&A went as below:

Q. What would you say your particular music style/repertoire is; how would you describe your music?

A. Tricky one really! We write our music very organically developing parts over a series of Jams. People will write at home and bring their ideas and the rest of the band develops their own parts to these sections, we then thrash out what did/did not work and when something sticks to a skeleton we add the meat! Our tracks definitely move between genres which I think kind of makes us difficult to pigeon hole. I guess, like Primus did, we are going to cop out and say let the fans decide!

Q. Who are your biggest influences when making music and do you feel you take any aspects from their style and add it to your own?

A. Tiff – Vocals:  My biggest influences are Oasis, The Beatles, The Mars Volta, Radiohead and Enter Shikari.

I try to keep lyrics pretty simple like The Beatles and Oasis while trying to also keep it catchy. I love the vocal range and abilities of Cedric (The Mars Volta) and try to emulate that, along side the softness I find in Thom York.

Although i am also influenced by a lot of metal/djent such as Born of Osiris. I try to place the metal / screaming vocals in there right place. All this is mixed in with some infuence of Pearl Jam and Rage against the Machine.

The Hiphop genre in general I love but there too many big names and styles in Hiphop to isolate one or two artists

Q. What album/albums would you put up there as your favourite of all time?

A. Mark- Guitars: My top 10 would be ever changing but there are a few staples in my library that I could not do with out:

1st and 2nd –  Wish You Were Here and Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd, top album(s) I love everything about them and can never pick between them.

3rd – Discipline by King Crimson. Unbelievably good band, both Tiff and I would probably put the track Frame by Frame in our top 5’s

3rd – Greatest Hits 1 by Queen. Is it strange to have a Greatest Hits in here? It was the first Album I ever bought for myself. It and the rest of the Queen back catalogue, have been a huge delight to listen to. You can hear their journey through music and how their music evolved in this album!

Q. Have you got any big plans for the near future in the recording process or touring?

A. We are planning on putting out a second EP this year as well as many videos and recordings through our social media, all along side a busy gig schedule. Keep an eye on out social media as there will be a video release of one of our new tracks WTFID in the next few weeks. We have a couple of gigs lines up; on Friday 16th Feb we are at The Key Club in Leeds and on Friday 26th February we will be playing at RS Bar in Sheffield.

We will have a busy gig schedule and we hope to hit some festivals this year.

2016 will be a busy year for IMPYUS

Q. Where did you guys get the name IMPYUS from and what does it mean?

A. It came from the word Impious which has a couple of meanings;

– A lack of respect to god or religion

– Wicked.

We changed the spelling a bit as we liked the feel of the word but not necessarily the meanings.

Q. Where did you guys all originally meet?

A. Matt and Joe have been in bands together before in Harrogate them and Mark were brought together by a common friend and the band started. When this common friend decided not to drum for us anymore we found Liam in a bush near our previous singers house. When the singer decided it was not for him and we searched for another  vocalist.

Mark and Tiff have been in quite a few bands together over the years, when we needed a vocalist we asked Tiff to have a go. He did and it was great!

Q. What was the last song you listened to and would you recommend it?

A. Matt – Keys: Inon Zur – Fallout 4 theme. I like it because its a revamped version of the Fallout 3 theme and captures the atmosphere of its story perfectly – apocalyptic despair, new found hope and adventure. I learnt the song for Inspiration for future compositions.

Mark – Guitars: Don’t bring me down by Electric Light Orchestra! I am going to see ELO in Leeds in April. One of those bands where you don’t realise how many of their tunes you already know.

Liam – Drums: The last song I listened to was Perfect Darkness by Fink. A brilliant and evoking track.I would highly recommend any track by Fink.

Tiff – Vocals: Frame by Frame by King Crimson. What a track, what a band! (Told you so!!)

Joe – Bass: The Last Song I listened to was Nas – N.Y. State of Mind. Hell yes I would recommend it. Im all about those groovy vibes, and this has tonnes of it. Nas’ flow is so smooth.

So there we have it! IMPYUS are a great bunch of lads with a really avant garde and new wave sound that might catch you completely off guard. Every new genre comes from somewhere and in the future these may be the guys that will have that acclaim attached to their name! So as always get out there and show these guys some love on their social media and help give these guys a push in the right direction, they deserve it!

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