Kid Cudi ‘Frequency’ Song Review

Yeah this track isn’t good, it’s horrendous and it hurts to say it. I know Kid Cudi has had a rough time of late with some album flops and is going through a real bad time mentally, but I’m afraid I have to review the track as it is, and it is awful. I know the die-hard fans of Cudi will hate me for this, but I really think this guys career has been on a downward spiral for the best part of 5 years now; is it time for a hiatus yet?

Back on to the topic at hand, this track really has no redeemable qualities. Starting with the instrumentals, the song lost all cohesion almost immediately. I understand the rapper was going for a broken beat instrumental to change things up a little bit, and I admire him for that, but it sounded awfully clunky and gross to listen to. It just felt like a rap song that had no metronome and kept losing it’s timing; the beat rhythmically was shocking. The little 8 bar synth sequence that kept repeating just made things worse as it just played over and over for over 5 minutes; it was painstaking to get through. The sub bass was functional and thickened the low end of the track up but overall it couldn’t gloss over the thin feeling that the lack of instrumental texture gave off.

The vocal performance was terrible too with Cudi’s lazy approach to rapping really showing it’s flaws here. The track had no drive or emotion, nothing memorable or meaningful; it just sounded like he didn’t want to be there. The diction on his words became un-decipherable after a while with some phrases that I couldn’t make out whatsoever. The lyrics were a little bit more imaginative than your stereotypical dream rap track, but again nothing too innovative to actually remember or hold dear. The attempt at hook with the auto-tuned crooning genuinely hurt to listen to since it just sounded like electronic garble.

You could of cut 2 minutes off of the track and the song would of at least been improved in that respect; but the verse-after-verse approach to this song left it so dreary and lifeless. Structurally the song just went on and on and by the final chorus, I felt worn out.

2/10 – The only thing holding it from a one here is the attempt to vary your average dream rap track up.


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