Korn ‘Take Me’ Song Review

After hearing and reading some of the latest reviews out for Korn’s last batch of tracks, it’s fair to say I was expecting the worst coming into this one. I’ve always personally been a fan of Korn. No matter what anyone says, they are one of the most recognisable rock groups of all time.With countless nu-metal classics under their belts and a fan-base spanning the globe, it was disappointing to hear that so many people are disliking their new material. With that being said, I decided to see whether these claims were valid and listen to their brand new track ‘Take Me’ in hopes that I’d rekindle my love for the group. Let’s see how that went..

Personally I thought this track was all I would want to hear in a Korn track. It was aggressive, it was well balanced and it had a story-line to it; simple but done well. Let me start with the production. Considering the style of Korn, it was a surprise to hear the track mixed so well. Every thing from the percussive style bass to the furious drums sounded clear and crisp in the mix; nothing swamped the texture. The vocals were also very well produced still sounding rough and gritty; they never once stooped to the auto-tune route *cough* I’m looking at you Good Charlotte *cough*.

Structurally the song was safe but it suited the narrative of the track. It was direct, it was poignant and it ended at the exact time it should end. Unlike Avenged Sevenfold’s new track, I felt this song was concentrated and not overly ambitious; it stuck true to the bands integrity. The chorus in particular sounded great with a real vintage Korn vocal hook; I was impressed.

The musicality wasn’t bad either, it wasn’t great sure but it did follow in the foot-steps of prior material. You have the same old thuddering bass-line accompanied by this screechy guitar pattern and it’s worked for twenty years now so why can’t it continue working a little longer eh? I mean there were no moments of instrumental value in particular but the song had a flow and it had cohesion, basically it was arranged to it’s most applicable form. The chorus, like I’ve already highlighted, did sound great instrumentally with a really evil sound that is a little reminiscent of ‘Narcissistic Cannibal’.

Lyrically the song was dark and raw, but not entirely imaginative. In my older age I’ve become more used to the uber dark tones of Korn’s music, so now when I hear these horrifying messages and phrases in their music, I’m pretty much unshaped and unbothered by it. The lyrics were delivered well though and the vocal performance was one of the best I’ve heard from Davis in years now. Good stuff really.

Overall the track is a fun, popcorn, nu-metal, grunge track. Was it a masterpiece? No, but it will be on my phone later tonight and I’m sure I’ll re-listen to it every now and then over the next month, so good job.

7/10 – You wanted a Korn song, you got a Korn song.


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