Rockwood LX300B Bass Guitar Review

Goodness it’s been a little while since we’ve reviewed a music product eh! String Buzz as an organisation want to really make head-way in the product reviewing world as we feel that many reviewers don’t offer the full picture as balanced as we do. By that we mean products that range in price and that apply to particular groups; there is no point reviewing £1000 guitars and amps when in all likelihood only a tiny proportion of our audience could afford these items, heck, we can barely afford these items put together! So with that in mind let’s get into this review shall we!

I stumbled across this guitar when looking for a beginner bass for my dad’s birthday last year. For £55, I thought, ‘heck it’s in could condition and has a sweet look, why not’ and boy I don’t regret it. Turns out my dad didn’t have the time to get into learning an instrument, so I ended up in possession of the item. Now it is my go-to bass guitar for every need from recording to live performance, it’s a beast!

The looks: Personally I love the way this bass looks. It’s simplistic yet has it has this certain eye-catching style to it. With the long swooping scratch plate that is moulded into the chrome board being the immediate aesthetic pull, I’ve got to say from head-stock to end pin the bass just looks good. The only flaw for me is that the bass comes with blackened tuning knobs rather than chrome which again, personally, isn’t a preference I look for.

The sound: This is what is crazy for me, the sound of this bass, due to it’s four, high-quality pickup setup, is fantastic. But the real reason why it sounds so good, is because of how supple the strings are no matter the gauge. The string tension always feels perfect no matter how I attempt to change it (which I put down to manufacturing detail). It makes it the perfect bass to slap and play funk with since you can use big wholesome strings yet have the flexibility of ‘slinkies’. Having played on Flea basses and high end Fender basses, I’ve got to say it really kicks it with the big boys.

The flexibility: Now I’ve used the bass for everything… I’ve used it to play in a funk band live, I’ve used it to record heavy metal at home and I’ve used to it accompany many other groups including art projects and prog compositions. Like I’ve mentioned, the strings are supple, so for a beginner bassist it is really good to use to dive into more intermediate tracks and for the advanced player, it should suffice for you professional work.

The price: Well online you can get this bass for around £130 brand new, much more than what I got it from. But still around that slightly higher price bracket, I feel that it is a worthy purchase.

Extras: N/A

Overall the bass guitar is one of the best deals I’ve ever taken up. It’s unbelievably underrated and if the brand were better known, I’m sure people would be flocking to buy from them. The best beginner bass guitar you could ask for and one that can still work well in professional situations.

P Rating: 8/10 – It’s like the LA bass on some mean musical steroids.


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