Enter Shikari ‘Hoodwinker’ Song Review

I’ve never been a huge Enter Shikari fan but I’ve always had a ton of respect for what they are doing in the rock music world. They’ve always been unafraid to explore new horizons with their music, whether it backfires or not. They have an incredibly devout following and their appreciation for experimentation is always right up my alley. So what did I think of their new track…

You know what, I had a great time! I thought what the group did here, wasn’t overly ambitious and instead the track felt like it had some real cohesion despite the constant changes. Let me start with the production.

The mixing of this track was bang on throughout, with each individual layer being pronounced and crisp. The guitar tones were great and complimented each other, the bass felt wholesome and large, the drums sounded powerful and heavy, and the vocals cut through well. It was strange to not hear any electronic influences in this track since it is such a staple of the Shikari sound, but it still worked well.

Musicality wise I felt the drums were the real vocal point here. Some of the fills were mouth-wateringly good and allowed for each part to transition with power and intensity. The sludge/doom metal breakdowns introduced to the track allowed for some variation from the typical hardcore progressions. They gave the track some balls and some substance, good stuff. I felt the vocal growls and shouts were the only thing off here as they just didn’t have the strength to bat alongside the instrumentals; when the clean vocals arrived I really got back on board.

Structurally the song felt adventurous and ever-changing, it had that real Shikari clusterf*** approach to it which I enjoyed a lot. The chorus was catchy with some fun instrumental melodies being played over the gritty distorted guitars.

Lyrically the song was very clever and had some really interesting and individual phrases from verse to verse; unfortunately the lyrics were delivered with diction that often wavered making some sections difficult to understand.

All in all, a fun popcorn track which I’m sure any Shikari fan will love. Heck even I had a good time with the song, and that’s saying something.

7/10 – One of the better rock tracks I’ve heard this month.


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