Music News: Justin Bieber is being sued?

NME have reported today that the pop superstar is being sued for allegedly spitting at a neighbour, the same neighbour who had his property egged by Justin prior to this event back in 2014.

In the egging incident, Justin pleaded no contest to the vandalism charges pressed by Jeffrey Schwarz. In this case, Jeffrey again is pressing charges in hopes of compensation over the latest row.

Documents posted by TMZ show that Schwarz is claiming that Justin assaulted him and hence caused emotional distress from the spitting during an argument.

Back in July, as NME reports, Justin demanded Schwarz and his wife undergo a mental evaluation to prove that they weren’t suffering from existing psychological issues caused from the incident two years ago.

Due to obsesent, loud partying and supposed overheard drug use, the couple have claimed that they are still battling with headaches and insomnia despite Justin not even living in the area anymore.

For the no contest vandalism case, the singer had to pay an estimated $80,000 in damages to Schwarz as well as having to undergo anger management counselling.

Personally I think this case only really shows us what we already know about Justin Bieber; it’s unsurprising and it’s not really new for him to be embroiled in a case like this… That’s all I’m going to say…


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